A Day In The Life Of A Stock Photo Model

A visual play-by-play of the presumably glamorous work of a model, based entirely upon LuckyImages’ pictures, sourced at dollarphotoclub.com

Morgan Rock Loehr
Aug 6, 2015 · 3 min read

7 am — Wake Up Totally Refreshed

puhhha / via dollorphotoclub.com

8 am — Eat A Normal Breakfast

monticellllo / via dollarphotoclub.com

9 am — Break Down The Glass Ceiling

michaeljung / via dollarphotoclub.com

10 am — Hold Your Arms Up Triumphantly On A Mountain Top

blas / via dollarphotoclub.com

11 am — Then Do Yoga On Top Of It

lzf / via dollarphotoclub.com

12 pm — Eat A Salad

Africa Studio / via dollarphotoclub.com

1 pm — Be Diverse

michaeljung / via dollarphotoclub.com

2 pm — Laugh Hysterically With BBQ Friends

Warren Goldswain / via dollarphotoclub.com

3 pm — Do Recreational Drugs Together

Monkey Business / via dollarphotoclub.com

4 pm — Give A Stranger A Blowjob

Innovated Captures / via dollarphotoclub.com

5 pm — Get A Romantic, Sunset Divorce

Antonioguillem / via dollarphotoclub.com

6 pm — Enjoy A Nightcap

Scott Griessel / via dollarphotoclub.com

7 pm — Sleep Tight

billionphotos.com / via dollarphotoclub.com

This list originally appeared on my Buzzfeed

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Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

Morgan Rock Loehr

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Of course their were no typoes in that emale



Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

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