Photo: Porter Yates

The 2015 EyeEm Photo Competition Winners

Porter Yates is EyeEm Photographer of the Year

Brooklyn-based photographer Porter Yates (above) received the top prize in this year’s EyeEm photography competition for work that, the judges noted, is influenced by his travels through Asia and the Americas.

All the winners of the competition were announced on Friday at the 2015 EyeEm Festival & Awards in New York City. EyeEm, the photo-sharing and marketing platform, sponsors the competition to recognize emerging talent around the world.

Below are the 10 other winners, listed by category; name; location.

The Fashionist: Stefan Dotter, Berlin, Germany

The judges of this year’s edition sifted through 200,000 images from 15,000 photographers. Yates receives $20,000 worth of prizes, including a mentorship with the VII Photo agency.

Yates was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has worked in Colorado in the oil industry and researched sustainable heating technology during a residency in China.

Yates’s travel-based work, seen above, addresses the question of what it means to be an outsider, noted the judges, while also showing the viewer the significance of being part of a culture or community.

The Action Photographer: Dainius Dirgela, Vilnius, Lithuania
The Great Outdoors: Varun Abhaykumar Dahortre, Pune, India
The Foodie: Fiorella Macor, Muggia, Trieste, Italy
The Traveler: Yu-Chen Chiu, Brooklyn, NY
The Street Photographer: Dan Szpara, Tokyo, Japan
The Portraitist: Hiroki Fujitani, Saitama, Japan
The Photojournalist: Lino Guardian Escandor II, Manilla, Philippines
The Architect: Jan Tong, Hong Kong
The Moment: Arsenio Nidoy Jr., Doha, Qatar

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