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Gladiator School: Stories from Inside YTS (Ep 7)

“That Hell they put me in.”

“That hell they put me in.”

Bruce Lisker is photographed in 2020 at his former home, where he was arrested for the murder of Dorka Lisker in 1983.
Van Nuys Police Department and criminal courthouse campus, where Bruce Lisker was sentenced for murder.
“The Hole” where Bruce and Heuron were temporarily held after the fight.
Observation office adjacent to the day room.
Bob Lisker pictured with his son, Bruce at YTS in 1987
The Lisker home in Sherman Oaks, California in 2020

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Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

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David William Reeve

DAVID WILLIAM REEVE is a writer + photographer from Southern California who documents the lives of young people at risk. Contact: davidwilliamreeve (at) gmail