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Luis Ortega as he appears today, photographed at his home via Zoom by David Reeve

Gladiator School: Stories from Inside YTS (Ep 8)

“Fifty-five fights”

“Fifty-five fights”

Something has been on my mind. This episode of my life is all behind me. I live a different life now, and I don’t want to in any way glorify my past or this lifestyle. I want to share what I went through. This is not the person I am now. I value life now.

The corner of 35th Street and Maple Avenue in South Central Los Angeles where Wino shot Hermenegildo Cortez.
This fence is on YTS’ north end, separating it from Men’s Prison in Chino.
The North-East guard tower at YTS.
Juan “Duke” Silva (left) and Luis “Snoops” Ortega (right) during family visitation at YTS.
Entrance to Receiving, where Luis worked, and where supplies and new wards would be delivered to YTS.
Luis “Snoops” Ortega
Bad Boy (left) and Luis “Snoops” Ortega (right) served time together at YTS, where this photo was taken.



Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

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David William Reeve

DAVID WILLIAM REEVE is a writer + photographer from Southern California who documents the lives of young people at risk. Contact: davidwilliamreeve (at) gmail