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Google’s street view of 86 School St. in Newbern, Alabama, site of William Christenberry’s often-photographed green warehouse.

In Homage to William Christenberry

The photographers who’ve made their own pilgrimage to Christenberry’s famous green warehouse

Rylan Steele & Adam Forrester —
James Benedict Brown, 2006 —

“Son,” he recalls his mother once saying to him, “everybody in Washington, D.C., is going to think Alabama is one rusted-out, worn-down, bullet-riddled place based on your work.”

William C. Holman, 2013 —
David Frazier, Garrick Morgenweck & Keith Isaacs
Bill Yates —
Wes Frazer —
AUL Auburn University —
Alan Rothschild from the Do Good Fund made a visit.
2009 —
2002 —
My own effort, in 2005. — MDM



Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

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