Instagram Interview — Janeivy Hilario

Photo: Anisha Sisodia.

Name: Janeivy Hilario
Instagram Handle:
Location: Connecticut

Janeivy is not only a talented photographer, he’s also very active in the photography community.

In the past year, he has been rightfully recognized by some big media outlets and he’s had a great presence in the world of Instameets.

My favorite aspect of his photos is his use of color. Like myself, he seems to be fond of saturation but none of his photos are too overwhelming. They are exciting, just like the story he has to share with us!


I’m a pretty visual and hands on leaner. I remember in college when I first thought of photography, as a resource to my design work. Looking closely at others work I noticed how it was all composites from images found on google. I decided to take a bold leap and purchase my first camera. A Canon XSI, I started using images in my designs. Took me a couple years eventually to transition over to photography.


Accomplishments, I think last year was full of them, it was one of my best years honestly. Last year I got featured by Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, Tech Insider and Instagram just to name a few. In addition to that I received more recognition locally. I got unique opportunities to work with tourism boards, and host very eventful meets, like biggest Pursuit of Portraits meet with over 300 attendees, PayforwardMeet with Rosas Fresh Pizza in Philly, and Connecticut’s first state wide meet. Those are some of the highlights. At the moment I’m enlisting myself in several non-profits to lend my resources and meet the needs at a larger scale.


As you send me this I’m on my 17th road trip counting starting this time last year. We are in Iceland on one of our biggest trips yet. I tend to travel with my friends from all over Instagram. This time around we got 10 to join us here in Iceland. So far the trip is being beyond, can’t wait to share more. I currently have two photo projects which I will openly discuss when it narrows down to them. They’re big passion projects, is what I would state.


My goal last year was to successfully show the world or a bigger audience a part of Connecticut that people may have not seen before. Most of my friends and current audience have told my I have achieved that. Going further I’m looking at ways to give back and secure a solid position in Connecticut’s Instagram community through meets, tourism and unique projects. Outside of Connecticut, our team at Pursuit of Portraits is constantly growing and I can’t wait for the launch of our first Issue. Traveling will always be a part of what I do, but exploring new places is always on my list for photography goals.


To capture I used my Sony A7ii & A6000, iPhone’s and GoPro. Editing on the phone is mostly experimental. For most of all of my edits I use LR with some touch up on Photoshop. The iPhone come in handy for quick time lapse and long exposures on the go, so I’ll grab my Joby Tripod/Mount to execute that.

All photos (with the exception of his portrait): Janeivy Hilario.