Instagram Interview — Shane

Name: Shane
Location: York, PA

Shane is a diverse photographer but I’d pin his biggest strengths as textures and colors.

He posts anything and everything that is visually appealing. Almost sumptuous. I’m also a big fan of urban exploration photography and Shane gets in and aroudn structures and abandoned spaces. Read from his beginnings to his success below!


I’ve been taking pictures forever but really started taking it serious a few years ago after a 6 week trip to Asia. I’m motivated by others around me and new environments. I also like that photography is a constant challenge from settings to light, angles, and subjects. I don’t have one specific person I’d say is my influence but I like to surround myself with different types of photographers to help expand my vision and hone my skills. We all learn from each other! Most of my first cameras were point and shoot. My first “I’m getting serious about photography” camera was a Canon 7D. From there I’ve bought and sold a few along the way including a Nikon D7000, Sony RX1, and now I’m back to Nikon with the D750.


Anytime I’m getting paid for doing something I love is an exciting experience but some of the more exciting ones were shooting for brands like Adidas, Hyatt, Conde Nast Traveler, Dos Equis, and Oculto. Being published and featured in a gallery show during Art Basel by StreetDreamsMag was a pretty dope experience too. A lot of my trips lately have been based around photogenic places. My favorites have been Iceland, Philippines, and San Fransisco. Looking forward to reaching every continent at some point and I only have a few more to go.


Recently I left Miami to go back to my hometown in Pennsylvania and it has been a challenge. There’s a lot more opportunity in bigger cities so I’ve had to take on some different projects. I’m shooting my first wedding next week and today I sent out some photos for limited prints. I’m excited about it and curious to see how it works out.


I will always be shooting regardless but, in a perfect world I would be able to travel and support a family on my craft.


Right now I’m mostly shooting with my Nikon D750 and iPhone. I still pull the Sony RX1 out from time to time because it is an awesome camera. The rest of my equipment is a few lenses, external flash, tripod, GoPro, all in a Incase backpack. I mostly use Photoshop and LightRoom to edit on the computer. On my phone I’m using VSCO, Snapseed, Blender, and Retouch.

All images: Shane, except portrait by Van Styles.