Instagram Interviews

I love Instagram. I love the people, the content, the simplicity; I love everything about it. For quite some time now, I’ve been admiring the work of countless photographers and following their experiences through Instagram. Some of these talented creatives have become my biggest influences and a lot of them have the social media reach to make a big impact on the artistic community.

I will be choosing one photographer from Instagram each week and posting their interview every Friday. The goal of this blog project is to grow the connection between influential photographers and the people who appreciate their work and vision.

The interviews are formatted in a biography style and broken up into five simple categories:


The roots of their journey with photography including motivation, influences, original gear and most importantly, what events led to their interest in photography.


Personal commentary on trips, accomplishments and opportunities earned in the field of photography.


An intimate peak into photo projects, planned trips and photography jobs that the artists are currently working on.


The plans and goals that will help these artists further their passion in photography.


An encouraging description of the shooting devices, accessories and editing tools used to create inspiring images.

I’m passionate about the Instagram community and I truly hope you enjoy reading about the talented photographers that use Instagram as a platform to share their visual journey! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

— Jamie Williams


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