The NFL Comes To London

Stumbling upon ex-pat sport-fans and a bit of street photography

I have to be honest, these pictures weren’t planned. We went to Wembley to shop and found the NFL! In London!

Wait a second. Where are the fish and chips? The pies?

Where’s the British weather? Ah, no, wait, it’s foggy as hell! But humid too? What’s that about?

The fog made it difficult to see anything, but once close up the hotdogs, the music, the beers, the jerseys and the people could not be ignored. Truly these things sum up the day. Pure visual overload.

After few hours, the sun was up and the day was as shiny as the brands and advertising hoardings.

I don’t care for sports in general but the atmosphere, the happiness was quite contagious.

Next time, we’ll actually go to the game!

All photos taken with Fujifilm x100t, edited and selected with the Picky clever tool from Polarr.