Pregnant and Standing

Just a pregnant chick trying to get a seat on the NYC subway

Currently 9-months pregnant and into shaming jerks who aren’t courteous.

Here are some of them:

This man child couldn’t give his seat to a woman with child.

You can’t pray my baby away. You’ll still be a jerk when you open your eyes.

Maybe I need to look at my phone? Maybe I have a hangnail? Maybe something’s over there? Maybe I’m an asshole?

This cash money millionaire didn’t feel like being generous with his seat.

On the train to Sleepytown.

I don’t get less pregnant the closer that phone gets to your face.

At first I thought, maybe I don’t look pregnant enough. That’s when I started documenting what I was wearing and made sure my bump looked as bumpy as possible when boarding. It’s surprising how many people see it, then look away, close their eyes, bring their phone closer, or even blatantly stare at it. Even when you catch eyes with them, they can’t even be bothered or embarrassed into getting up. And the rudeness exists across genders, ages and economic levels.

Come on New York, let’s become the city of Motherly Love.

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