Republican Candidate for President Donald Trump and a spectacularly revved-up supporter, Daytona, Florida, August 3rd, 2016

I’m “a big fan” of the video the Trump campaign posted the day after his acceptance speech at the RNC. It was a defensive analysis of how much applause-time comprised Trump’s epicly long-winded prime-time ramble.

In that spirit, I looked at fifty-one minutes from Trump’s address in Daytona, Florida, on August 3rd, and while initially distracted by the “we’re on camera, honey!” kisses between this couple, it was hard not to notice one spectacularly revved-up supporter, just over the candidate’s left shoulder.

Here are all the moments (1min 37secs, in sequence) in which this Trump fan had his thumb-down, reflexively booing Benghazi; every mention of Secretary Clinton; how the U.S. unemployment rate has hit a new low of 4.6% under President Obama; or how Mexicans are making a run at the border to steal everyone’s job. (I jest — but yeah.)

Whether it’s the LEFT-HAND HIGH, or the FULL-BOO THAT MORPHS into both thumbs above his head, he’s got it covered.

If you need a tutorial for how to express dissatisfaction with immigration policy, religious & ethnic tolerance, the scourge of political correctness, or how best to reveal your man-hand-sized outrage, here you go:

Or, if you prefer to watch all this as a video: