Okay Let’s Do This, HNY BTW — Variables, Weekly.

Happy New Year.

Though the concept of the year might be a total abstraction that only exists in our collective imagination, from the bottom of my heart I wish you a fulfilling year.

I routinely scoff at the notion of new year resolutions, but perhaps unsurprisingly, given the irrational nature of the human condition, I have set daily targets for myself. They mostly involve adding value to myself one day at a time; I want to learn a lot. Hopefully, this reflects in how I communicate ideas going forward.

I know the cliche thing is for me to do is come here and talk about what I plan to do with this publication this year. Truth of the matter is I don’t have any plans, I’m just going to keep aggregating whatever I find interesting on the internet. Who knows, maybe somewhere along the line, I might get more contributors, classify the content I share into subheadings etc.

Okay, shall we?

First thing I’m sharing with you this year is something on the evolution of the operating system, culminating in Amazon’s Alexa.

Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System — Link


The myth of innate ability in tech — Link

A Half-Dozen Ways to Look at the Unit Economics of a Business — Link

Is Technology making parenting a game of paranoia? — Link

Ethan Siegel ranked the four major mistakes of Einstein’s professional career — Link

Why Sex Is Binary but Gender Is a Spectrum — Link

We finally detected gravitational waves guys — Link

Another short treatise on Instant messaging privacy — Link

How gene editing could ruin human evolution — Link

The Conversational Economy — Voice and the New Era of Multi-Modal Computing — Link

Even Physicists Find the Multiverse Faintly Disturbing — Link

Nature makes chance, humans make luck — Here

Probably the most important video you will watch this week —

See you next week.