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Variant Bio Launches Company-Wide Carbon Offset Program

The Sodo/Humbo Forestry Project in Ethiopia, which aims to support the long-term restoration of the ecosystem through active participation from local community members. Photo credit: Gold Standard

In order to develop critical relationships with the people and communities with whom we partner, travel is inevitable. While we limit travel to only necessary work trips, we didn’t feel this was enough to make the meaningful impact we strive for at Variant Bio. To that end, we have recently launched a Carbon Offset Program that enables us to purchase carbon offset credits for every work-related flight we take.

On a semi-annual basis, each member of the Variant Bio team is asked to select from a variety of projects that assist in achieving the goal of minimizing our carbon footprint. The most recent credits that our team purchased through Gold Standard supported a variety of initiatives including the Betulia Hydroelectric Project working to address lack of access to electricity in Honduras, the Sudo/Humbo Forestry Project focused on long-term restoration of the ecosystem in Ethiopia, and a number of projects aiming to provide safe drinking water in some of the most underserved regions of the world.

It’s important to us at Variant Bio to do what we can to help support the vital work that is being done to preserve and restore the environment. When the time comes for our team to safely travel once again, we are excited to have this program in place to limit our carbon footprint. Our goal is to improve human health around the world and we believe that a sustainable environment is a critical component to achieving this.




Variant Bio is developing therapies that will improve global health by studying the genes of people who are outliers for medically relevant traits.

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