Lessons from Google, Splunk & Mother Teresa about Partnering Up

We, at Varidus, believe it is very easy to partner for any technology startup.

You might ask why partner in the first place?

The answer is very simple among the many reasons, here are three good ones:

  • There are not enough sales people to sell your product
  • Its hard to be everywhere, everytime
  • If you can reduce your cost of sales, would you rather not do it?

It is really easy to partner. Here are a few simple steps for you to get started:

  • Figure out the sales gaps that a partner can fulfill
  • Identify potential complementor firms
  • Create a simple referral/resale program and go!

Next you may want to start by reading some best practices out there. The best tips can be found on CRN Magazine.

One of the best practices tips that we really like for really building a good program for the deep technology industry came from Google’s Bertrand Yansouni in this article where he talks about investing in a vibrant eco-system for Google Cloud. He talks about five principles “Openness, Innovation, Transparency and Shared Success” as well as Investments, Business Growth and Profitability focused on partners, which we really liked.

Another best practice came from Splunk’s Brook Cunningham where she talks about Partner Loyalty in this video:

Of course, the devil is in the details on segments, markets, pricing and legal agreements. Also there is some really cool automation if you want to automate this stuff as well as the heavy lifting in terms of actually recruiting the partners.

If you need detailed help with the above, please get in touch with us via email and we would be more than happy to help you.