The story of Varidus

The word “varid” means “cloud” in Sanskrit. “Varidus” was meant to mean “we are clouds”. Clouds produce rain- we are “rainmakers”.

Todays start-ups in the technology space need execution more than anything else. Of course, capital is important and so are partnerships and other things that every startup needs from incorporation to IPO.

However, our founding team felt that there needs to be new paradigm to grow companies. Yes, we do have the traditional accelerators, the angels, the venture capitalists, the private equity folks and growth hackers. But we felt startups still need a new paradigm.

The new paradigm is centered around observing startups being scaled properly and also not being scaled properly/not growing or more likely failing for over 20 years. The founder’s role in a startup is a very lonely role. They need the right things to happen at the right time in a fast, efficient, cost-efficient and most important quality manner.

So what is this new paradigm? The new paradigm is all about the following:

  1. Focusing on the founder of the firm rather than the investor
  2. Bringing in the three most important things startups need
  • Capital
  • Partnerships
  • Services

3. Having a global outlook and creating what Vinod Khosla, the famous venture capitalist, calls “The $0 Billion Dollar growth company”. You can read about Vinod here:

You could argue that most founders could do this on their own. Often true. But often, we find that they need help from outside. That is where the “Varid”s like “us” come in. That is Varidus. Rainmakers that scale innovative companies.

That is our story. Welcome, and join us on this journey.