Announcing Varlosity 1-on-1 Live Office Hour

At Varlosity we want to give founders and companies a place to talk about the challenges they’re working through and learn from peers who’ve recently overcome similar obstacles.

We recently started hosting live office hours where members can chat with experts 1-on-1 on matters like user acquisition and go-to-market. Since a lot of the founders would come across similar challenges during their own startup journey, we would summarize and edit the conversations for every office hour and publish on this blog so that our community could also benefit from it.

This lets all our users learn from their peers and domain experts. Here are some screenshot examples of live office hours chats.

Office Hour #1 with Liam

Introducing their product/business
Getting critical feedbacks on strategy
Advice on long term and short term goals
Advice on metrics

Office Hour #2 with Jeff

Getting to know the founder
Advices on hacking growth
Suggesting ways to promote products
Topics on keyword researches and marketing

You Can Apply for Office Hour Too

Both members found new insights and directions after the office hours, and we think that these exchanges can greatly benefit others who are having similar challenges.

If you are are interested in joining our office hour and get a chance to talk to our experts 1-on-1, please express your interest to our Community Manager through the Varlosity App.

For non-members, please visit to sign up to get access.