Moving from Slack to Discord

Turning the Page on the Grakn Labs Community

Daniel Crowe
Feb 14, 2020 · 4 min read

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In the lead up to Grakn Cosmos 2020 we took a look at our community, where had we come from, what did we want to see in the future, and what was needed from the platforms we incorporated.

Slack has been our home for the last 3+ years. It served its purpose. Allowed the team to engage with the community in a more direct way and provided a platform that new community members could join and collaborate with others. The only problem was that, as other organisations have noted, the free version used for our community just doesn’t provide the scale and flexibility that is required for a global network of pioneers, builders and innovators.

So with that said, we’ve decided to take our collective talents to Discord. Below I’ll try and layout why we think this is going to be a vast improvement in our ability to collaborate, grow and catalyse.

What do we see in Discord?

Our team is no longer split between an internal Slack workspace and our community workspace — we can do away with our annoying but helpful bots and all play in the same sandbox. This means faster response times on questions and increased awareness of what’s happening in real time.

Discord’s unique ID system keeps things on the level. As we grow, our community members can be reassured that they are talking with who they think they are talking to.

We’ll talk about roles in a moment but it’s important that our community is able to reach out to our team without having to guess who is who. With everyone on the Grakn Labs team getting the [Grakn Labs] role, our community can easily reach out to someone on the team with confidence.

When we grow, Discord grows with us. No more message limitations; a fully queryable message history.

This is where things get exciting. In Slack, we were collective moderators, relying on a first to respond method of addressing questions, issues and support. With Discord you’re able to tag specific groups directly in your message:

The ability to create and distribute [ roles ] in Discord is magical — seriously, we love it. With that said, we will be creating two new roles — the first group will be announced shortly — if you want to nominate yourself join the server and ping [ @daniel ]:

Channel Breakdown

Let’s Continue to Grow, Together

Through Discord, we want to empower you to help us shape how the server is structured and maintain the community values we all share.

Come join us on Discord — we’re not telling you to do it, but like, you really should…

…like right now.

Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it


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