Grakn Swag

Discover, Build, Inspire with Grakn— We’ll take care of the swag!

Daniel Crowe
Aug 18, 2020 · 4 min read

Grakn’s got what you need.

Our community has grown so much in 2020 and as we haven’t been able to host physical events, we haven’t been able to share our love [read: swag] with you all. We know, it hurts.

Well, that changes today. We’ve put together a handful of ways for you to earn some Grakn swag , they’re pretty easy — you may have even checked off some of the boxes already! Simply complete one or more sets below and we’ll send you some fresh new swag.

Swag Pack 1 | Be a part of something bigger than yourself

This is the first step, a simple way to earn some swag and also make sure you are officially a part of the Grakn Community. Complete these steps and we’ll send you a hot stack of stickers — complete the bonus and we’ll include a surprise piece of swag from our collection as well.

Steps to complete:

Swag Pack 2 | Share the love, share the knowledge

Alright so you’ve found Grakn, and think it’s pretty cool — we tend to agree ;). So cool in fact that you think everyone in your orbit should check it out too. Even though you’re still exploring Grakn and Graql, you want some swag to show the world you might be on to something big!

So to get all the stickers AND your choice of some sweet Grakn wearables, complete the below steps and a pair of socks or a hat are on the way — oh and once again, there’s a bonus step to earn a surprise piece of swag from our collection.

Honestly, who doesn’t need a new pair of socks or a hat?


Swag Pack 3 | Show your skills, start a project with Grakn

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. You’ve started your project with Grakn and we want to reward your hard work. Complete the steps below and we’ll send you all of the swag above — stickers, socks or a hat as well as our newest Grakn t-shirt, hot off the presses — oh and complete the bonus and we’ll include a surprise piece of swag from our collection.

We know you are missing all the conference goodies at this time of year, we’ve got your covered.


Swag Pack 4 | Tell your story, loud and proud

So you’ve built a project with Grakn, now it’s time to tell the world your story. Maybe you’ve got a hunch others would find it interesting, game-changing, or simply making the mundane, extraordinary; either way, we want to help get the word out.

In this step you’ll get all of the above swag PLUS a custom Grakn Community sweatshirt — these were only for our internal team but we decided if you are building with Grakn and taking the time to share your work we want to wrap you in that sweet warmth of a fresh new sweatshirt.

If you’re working to complete this set, we can assume you’re already following us and are a member of the community, if not you know what to do.

What’s left? Take your project to the next level

You’re totally convinced that your project is going to go the distance; or at least you see the implementation of your solution going into production. We want to be there for you and whether that looks like formal support or working with us to evangelise the community, we’d love to start with a conversation.

Just schedule time to speak with us and we’ll help you lay out a timeline to production that fits within your needs and a support system that helps you succeed.

Discover — Build — Inspire


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