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VaultDefi Launches VaultBTC with unique tax and dividend system!

On October 10th, 2021, VaultDefi successfully released their third token, VaultBTC (Ticker: Vault). VaultDefi chose to run their whitelist and pre-sale through their new Launchpad program which eliminated all of the typical pre-sale bot activity and allowed for the fairest launch in the history of the crypto space. The new token will feature a 5% buy and trade tax which will be exclusively utilized to buy and burn the VaultBTC token. The 30% sell tax will be burn heavy and will benefit both the EthVault and original Vault token. 4.5% of the sell tax will buy and burn EthVault, 4.5% will buy and burn the original Vault token, 4% will be utilized to burn VaultBTC, 4% will go to the marketing wallet and 83% will be utilized for dividend of XSurge tokens! The VaultBTC contract will default to reflect XSurge wrapped Bitcoin.

Many have asked why the VaultDefi developers choose to burn the previous tokens rather than give investors dividends in those tokens. This was a strategic choice made by the dev team that is heavily based on math; by burning instead of reflecting in the various tokens, the VaultDefi team is directly increasing the total percentage investors hold within the individual tokens. Ultimately, this in turn will lead to larger dividends in the future as investors will hold a larger percentage of the total circulating supply of those tokens!

If all of this wasn’t incredible enough, the VaultDefi team has made it so the VaultBTC contract will let you reflect in any XSurge asset of your choice! This not only allows you to choose which token you want to receive as dividends, but it allows you to change those dividends at your discretion to take advantage of any market changes, similar to an arbitrage model but with dividends! Changing the dividend tokens requires interacting with the contract and we will go over this step by step. Before starting these steps, please make sure to manually trigger any VaultBTC rewards you may have pending, you can accomplish this by buying, selling or transferring just 1 VaultBTC.

Step 1: Navigate to BSCScan to view the Vault Token and contract, once there click on the word “Contract” as seen in the image below:

Step 2: Once on the contract tab, click “write contract”

Step 3: Next, you want to click “Connect to Web3” You will need to use either MetaMask (desktop) or WalletConnect (Mobile) to connect to your Crypto Wallet. After you connect you will see your wallet address here.

Step 4: After your wallet is connected, scroll down to Line 12 and paste the address of the XSurge token that you want to receive as dividends. Then click write. After this you should start to receive rewards in the XSurge token of your choice!

The launch of this token further demonstrates VaultDefi’s continued commitment to creating a new, exciting, diverse, compounding ecosystem that is working to level the financial playing field to benefit everyone.

*Please note that the author is not a financial advisor and makes no claims to be one, this article is not intended to be financial advice. The numbers and rates of return mentioned in this article are valid as of the time of writing and they do not guarantee future performance.



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