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VaultDefi vs Real Estate Investing vs Dividend Stocks vs Stock Market

VaultDefi vs Real Estate Investing

There is a popular tenet amongst real-estate investors called the 1% rule. This essentially states that a good investment property will yield 1% of the purchase price in returns per month. So a $300,000 house purchase should yield a return of approximately $3,000/month. If instead of investing that money into a property, an investor was to put it into Vault their returns would be astronomically larger. For example: a $300,000 investment into EthVault today would buy approximately 64B EthVault tokens. EthVault has an investment return in Surge of $25/1B EthVault. So, with 64B EthVault and investor would be able to make $1600/day or $48,000 in a 30-day month. If $48,000/ month versus $3,000/month isn’t enough to convince you, then factor in that an EthVault investment also doesn’t come with tenants or deferred maintenance.

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking, no one just pays cash for a $300,000 property right. Some do, some don’t. But let’s say you’re right. On a $300k property an investor would be expected to have at least 20% down payment in cash for the property, this would equal $60,000. A $60,000 investment in EthVault today would yield approximately 13B EthVault tokens, at the same $25/1B investment that would yield $325/day or $9,750.

In this scenario, mortgage, insurance, utilities and setting money aside for maintenance would cost you around $1600/month leaving your with just $1400 in free cash. Therefore, an investment in EthVault gives you 7x the amount of cash return on your investment every month. (And again, no tenants calling at 2am with a broken toilet)

VaultDefi vs Dividend Stocks

According to Yahoo Finance Exxon Mobil Corp continues to be one of the highest paying dividend stocks available, both currently and historically. As of April 9th, of this year, Yahoo Finance lists Exxon Mobil’s current dividend at 6.15% annually. If we were to invest $100,000 into Exxon Mobil on January 4th of this year, you would have been able to purchase 2409 Shares of Exxon Mobil stock at a price of $41.50 per share. At the end of the year, the dividend return rate of 6.15% would give you a return on investment of $6,150 of passive income, or roughly $512/month.

On the other hand, a $100,000 investment today in the EthVault token would net you roughly 21B EthVault Tokens. With a daily reflections return rate of $25 per day per 1B EthVault tokens, EthVault would be earning $525 per day, $15,750 per month, $189,000 per year in passive income. This equates to an unprecedented 89% annual rate of return on investment. (It is worth noting here that reflection rewards are paid out in SurgeEth tokens, please review previous articles about the Vault ecosystem)

VaultDefi vs The Stock Market

It is traditionally accepted that the average annual rate of return of the stock market is 8%. If we use the previous example, you will see that the EthVault token alone provides for an 89% annual rate of return. It is obvious which provides the better interest rate.

The VaultDefi team understands that financial investment is a complicated and personal process. They share this information in the hopes that you will treat them as a legitimate form of investing and not just another “moon shot” crypto currency. VaultDefi is building an investment Empire that they hope will help secure financial security for a new generation of investors. This article is not meant to dissuade anyone from the very legitimate investment options that are mentioned in this article and in fact, the team strongly encourages investors to diversify and invest in many different financial assets. If you have any questions about VaultDefi or their products, please check out their social media platforms or their website

*Please note that the author is not a financial advisor and makes no claims to be one, this article is not intended to be financial advice. The numbers and rates of return mentioned in this article are valid as of the time of writing and they do not guarantee future performance.

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We are revolutionizing the capabilities of a traditional decentralized financial product by providing an asset class that rewards many streams of passive revenue. Our proprietary structure built within each Vault token allots you up to four unique tokens every time you purchase.

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