Opening up grinbox

Grinbox is now open source with client integration instructions

We’re delighted to announce that the grinbox relay is now open source, published in the GitHub repo. With it, we’re also releasing the first draft of integration documentation, to help exchanges, mining pools, and wallet developers get up and running with sending and receiving payments in Grin via grinbox.

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

Anyone is now free to set up their own grinbox relay server to route their transactions and store their transaction data. Good for privacy minded individuals, and businesses who do not want to introduce external dependencies. By default, clients and wallet713 users will default to our relay,, but can easily switch to using other relays of their choosing in their configuration settings.

With less than ten days since mainnet went live, we’re already seeing an ecosystem of businesses, developers and users emerge. We hope that this early Grin community will find grinbox transacting easier to use than sending files back and forth, more secure than opening up http listeners, and more performant than any of the existing transaction building methods. For more information on how to best get started, please check out the newly refreshed grinbox website.

If you’re a business interested in using grinbox to process transactions fast and efficiently at scale, we also have some merchant solutions available for you. Send us an email:

Oh, and if you happen to be in the Bay Area next week, we hope to see you at GrinconUS!

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