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Help us build open source Grin Atomic Swaps with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Grin aims to be a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency that is scalable, lightweight, and fair. In order to be privacy-preserving, the ability to trade in and out of Grin without leaking personal information and data is very important.

GrinSwap aims to deliver such functionality. It’s an open source project that is being written in Rust that makes cross-chain atomic swaps between Grin and Bitcoin, as well as Grin and Ethereum/ERC-20 assets possible.

Implementing some of Andrew Poelstra’s previous research on Scriptless Scripts and Adaptor Signatures, it allows two parties to trade assets without having to trust each other, and without having to rely on an intermediary or third party escrow service. It makes OTC trading a breeze, it allows users to buy and sell Grin without leaving much trace, and as a result improves the fungibility of the other asset being traded as well.

This project is being led by my co-founder Jasper, who is the creator of the first Grin <> ETH swap and the first Grin <> BTC swap. Initially the plan is to build out an atomic swap library for wallets to use, and to integrate this into wallet713 to support swaps using grinbox and file based transfer methods. Find out more details and follow his progress in the GitHub repository.

We’re seeking funding contributions from the community to support this development effort. If you would like to see this functionality built, please consider donating to support this cause:

Any help will be appreciated, big or small.

I’ll leave you with Jasper’s talk about the making that initial Grin <> Bitcoin swap from last year’s grincon0 in Berlin:

vault713 is a development team that is building solutions to make it easy to store, send, and swap Grin. Press follow below to be part of the journey to make simple, and censorship-resistant electronic transactions widespread and usable.



We make it easy to send, swap and store Grin

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