wallet713 is on Grin mainnet with free grinbox transactions

Announcing improvements for privacy, performance, and ease of use.

Grin has launched, congratulations to all the project contributors and to the wider Grin community! Now that we’re on mainnet, the real work begins. We would like to thank all the individual users and businesses who have been trying out transacting with grinbox and wallet713, and for the support you have shown us. We’ve been busy working on making it easy to store, send, and swap Grin and are glad to announce that v1.0.0 of wallet713 is now available and ready to use.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

What’s new?

  • Grinbox address derivation from wallet seed. All grinbox addresses are now derived from your wallet seed, meaning that you do not need to back up any additional information beyond your mnemonic seed. As long as you have your seed, you can restore your grinbox addresses as well. Each seed supports generating 2³² unique grinbox addresses, and you can choose which one to have active. Floonet grinbox addresses begin with x, mainnet addresses begin with g. More info in the documentation.
  • SSL & End-to-end encryption (E2EE) of grinbox transactions. All transaction slates sent to and from grinbox addresses are now passed via SSL and are encrypted using the recipient’s grinbox address. This means it’s nearly impossible for an attacker to intercept grinbox messages, and even if they did, only whoever is in possession of the private key can decode its contents. We cannot read your data, nor do we want to. This feature is turned on by default for mainnet, you do not need to do anything to use it.
  • Downloadable binaries. Users who do not wish to compile their own version of wallet713 can now download one of the pre-compiled binaries and skip the build process. Go get yours here.
  • Hosted Grin nodes. wallet713 users no longer need to point to their own fully synced Grin node, we are happy to provide this service free to our users. This is optional. Those who wish to run their own node should, and can still do so.
  • File-based transaction support. Creating transactions through exchanging files is now supported, making it easy to migrate grins back and forth between the default Grin wallet and wallet713. If you wish to save on transaction fees, restoring from seed works as before.

Free grinbox transactions

We are excited to see so much interest for grinbox. We believe it makes Grin transacting easy, without compromising on privacy. We want to make this available to as many as possible, and are therefore announcing our intention to keep the transaction relay open and free for all to use at no cost. At some point, we may need to come back to you and the rest of the Grin community to ask for your help to support its maintenance and operations. If you find the service useful, we hope you consider such a request.

And lastly, to all the businesses out there that are working to support Grin:

  • If you plan to process Grin transactions at scale, we have an easy solution that delivers reliable and efficient payments to your customers in batched cycles, leaving you in control of your funds, with no locked outputs, and a clear (internal) audit trail.
  • If you are expecting to have large quantities of Grin in your possession and need way to store them as securely as possible, we have a cold storage solution that allows for real one-way transactions to an air-gapped wallet.
  • If you are looking to internalize your dependencies and take some load off our servers, you can now run your own federated grinbox relay.

We’re hard at work integrating some of these solutions with exchanges, mining pools, and other entities. Interested? Hit us up at hello@713.mw.

vault713 is a development team that is building solutions to make it easy to store, send, and swap Grin. Press follow below to be part of the journey to make simple, and censorship-resistant electronic transactions widespread and usable.