Vault raises seed round to bring blockchain applications to everyone’s pocket

John Egan
John Egan
Sep 13, 2018 · 2 min read

In addition to our product launch today, we’re excited to formally announce that Vault has closed $1.5MM in seed capital to help us grow into the best way for everyone to access blockchain applications and assets.

We’re pleased to welcome ConsenSys Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Raptor Group, Unusual Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and CoinFund as believers along for our journey.

Vault was founded on the idea that blockchain utility will eclipse the speculative value of coins in the near future as it continues to lower the barrier to entry for developers who want to create trust-based and financial applications.

We’ve already seen incredible examples of this with early experiences like ERC-721 collectible token ownership, gaming, and distributed exchanges.

In the future, we know these trustworthy contract ownership records on the blockchain will be responsible for managing not only digital, but physical asset ownership. Like a title for a car or deed for a home, what once required third parties, banks, and escrow agents now only needs a few lines of code.

But none of this works unless every person in the world has an address on the blockchain and an easy way to interact with applications that take advantage of this new infrastructure.

That’s where Vault comes in.

Vault means a blockchain wallet in everyone’s pocket, and access to a world of applications that break down the barriers to outdated and difficult-to-access industries.

If you’re as excited as we are, check out Vault at

Are you building a dApp? Tell us about it and get listed on vault at

Want to help us bring blockchain applications to the world? We’re hiring:

Blog for secure crypto wallet and dApp discovery platform

John Egan

Written by

John Egan

CoFounder and CEO of Vault (

Blog for secure crypto wallet and dApp discovery platform

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