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Vaultree Cast #2 — Keeping Applications Secure and Best Practices

In this episode, we talk about “Keeping Applications Secure and Best Practices” with our guest Fernando Boaglio, a Solutions Architect with more than 20 years of experience with application architecture and software development. Passionate about learning new technologies and sharing with the team, he is also an author of books about Jenkins, MongoDB, Spring Boot, and others.

Here are a few of the tips he shared with us:

  1. No application is 100% safe: Everyone who works with information technology knows that the cybercrime industry is constantly evolving, whether in technology, professionals, money and mainly in identifying vulnerabilities.
  2. Delegate responsibility: The responsibilities of cybersecurity are extensive. Make sure you define roles when it comes to access and responsibilities, adapting safe practices in the workplace.

As an author of books on the subject and Java and Spring expert, Fernando shared his number one Spring Security tips for those building their career as Java/Spring developers, such as using a “firewall principle”.

Vaultree Cast

Vaultree Cast is a podcast from data privacy enthusiasts to data privacy enthusiasts. It’s available on the leading streaming platforms: Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. Follow us to stay tuned for the upcoming episodes and, in the meantime, keep your data safe.

About Vaultree

Vaultree has developed the world’s first Fully Functional Data-in-Use Encryption solution that solves the industry’s fundamental security issue: persistent data encryption, even in the event of a leak. Vaultree enables enterprises, including those in the financial services and healthcare / pharmaceutical sectors, to mitigate the great financial, cyber, legal, and business risk of a data breach in plain text. With Vaultree, organisations process, search, and compute ubiquitous data at scale, without ever having to surrender encryption keys or decrypt server-side. If a leak occurs, Vaultree’s data-in-use encryption persists, rendering the data unusable to bad actors. Integrating Vaultree into existing database technologies is seamless, requiring no technology or platform changes. Vaultree is a privately held company based in Ireland and the U.S.

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Vaultree’s Encryption-in-use enables businesses of all sizes to process (search and compute) fully end-to-end encrypted data without the need to decrypt.

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