Meet the Awesome Team Behind VaynerPublishing: You Know You Want To!

Nothing at VaynerPublishing would get done without our excellent team. Check out who we are, what we do, and feel free to reach out to us if you particularly like our stories!

Gabriel Anderson

At my core, I’m an ultra curious, hyper-competitive, data driven entrepreneur and self-taught engineer.

I’m fascinated by technology, and the use of data to manipulate the physical world in hockey-stick like ways. If it can be measured, it can be hacked.

I have a large storage of experience and knowledge that gives me a “sixth sense”. I benchmark my ideas objectively against real-world feedback and I’m not romantic about data. I use it to drive meaningful business results that make their way to the bottom-line, by reverse-engineering the outcome.

Success is not a byproduct of luck… It’s engineered.

I’m obsessed w/ learning new things and optimizing my thinking strategies. I think the two keys to a successful life are:

1. How To Think
2. How To Learn

And I’ve spent a lifetime studying these disciplines and applying them to create results in my life, my businesses and my teams.

Professionally I’ve been in various positions of investor, advisor, co-founder and executive in a wide range of industries including finance, early-stage technology, real estate, transaction management software, advertising and digital marketing.

I’ve had extensive experience starting and building new companies, marketing and business development, data analytics and data science, client acquisition and growth hacking and user acquisition strategies.

Recently I’ve taken on the new challenge of using these skills as an Entrepreneur in growing the VaynerPublishing business and Growth Marketing & Technology team — a team I founded, made up of multidisciplinary engineers (Data Analysts & Scientists / Developers / Engineers) deployed against the business of scaling digital media properties.

Outside of work, I think endlessly about philosophy, technology and how the two intersect in our lives. I’m obsessed with answering the question of what makes us human, and how to hack it. And I’ve been an overseas traveler for years. It’s the best way I know to build empathy of others.

Justin-Rayne Bryant

Justin-Rayne Bryant is an innovative, ambitious, and enticing gentleman hailing all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. He is a recent mass communications masters graduate of Syracuse University, where he matriculated at the top of his class. He currently works as a managing editor for VaynerPublishing a partner within the VaynerMedia powerhouse.

In his free time, Bryant is striving towards establishing himself as a ‘Multi-Media Monster’ within the fashion industry via the editorial, digital, and broadcast platforms.

Justin-Rayne first began to receive notoriety as journalist due to his exemplary ability to translate all things fashion, from trends to reviews, into intimate and relatable pieces of editorial artistry. Through unwavering determination and dedication to the constant promotion and dissemination of his work via social media, his brand began to grow.

In the past, he has had the satisfaction of working as a weekly broadcast style consultant for KNWA news in Arkansas, a fashion closet coordinator Esquire Magazine and now Bryant free-lances as a stylist and fashion writer for several online and print publications.

This southern bred and born casanova can’t wait for you all to see him take a bite out of the big apple and the media industry.

Lauren McDowell

Current “Editor-in-cheese” for CheeseRank at Vayner Publishing. Background in writing, program planning, training and teaching. Looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals to work towards the public good and facilitate cultural understanding through education and food.

Chris MacPherson

Serial Entrepreneur | UX/UI | Designer

Hustling at

Steve DiMaria

Digital marketing and strategy consultant specializing in growth hacking, data analysis, and partner/sponsor generation. Experience in customer/consumer acquisition, optimizing brands, and managing partners and sponsors through digital data analysis and relationship management. Passionate about creative marketing campaigns, obsessive about brand growth and development.

Lorenzo Santos

His name is Lorenzo.