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Calling All Angels: GoingVC Angels is Now Enrolling Members

GoingVC Angels

At GoingVC, our mission is to bring transparency and access to the Venture Capital industry. Now, more than ever, the industry appears willing and able to embrace many of the changes that are taking place — starting with opening doors to the many talented individuals that are traditionally shut out from the industry. With newer, more flexible regulations for accredited investors, we aim to guide this new group of investors as well as existing investors in making the best possible early-stage investment decisions.

After several years of successfully running our Venture Capital Learning Program, which includes providing hands-on experience and the opportunity to source and perform due diligence on real opportunities alongside GoingVC Partners, we are now looking to support both new and experienced Angel Investors with the launch of GoingVC Angels.

We believe that Angel investing is not only a critical component of the startup ecosystem, but it also provides a unique opportunity for those who wish to pursue careers in the Venture Capital industry. This means we can provide multiple benefits to the industry by supporting founders, funders, and funders-to-be.

Those who join the GoingVC Angels community will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Angel Investing: We have created a platform and library of educational resources covering everything from sourcing, due diligence, deal terms, portfolio management, and general best practices. This library is available to you at any and all times once you’ve been admitted to GoingVC Angels.
  • Get access to high quality, pre-diligenced deal flow through the GoingVC Partners team: Our investment team reviews more than 1,000 opportunities per year, sourced by investment scouts from all over the world. With a robust diligence pipeline that includes GVC alumni who currently work in VC, a diligence team and the investment team, GVC Partners is able to provide vetted dealflow, and invests in less than 1% of said opportunities. Everyone in GoingVC Angels is welcome and encouraged to invest alongside us.
  • Connect with founders and other investors through events: We routinely host Startup Showcases, demo days, and virtual fireside chats with experienced investors and founders.
  • Build a network of experienced investors: Connect with and develop relationships with peers through our platform.

To date, we’ve enrolled more than 1,000 members with varying degrees of experience into GoingVC Angels.

GVC Partners has invested in 14 companies such as Foodnome, Wallaroo and Quantum Metric, the last of which recently reached unicorn status. GVC Partners has co-invested with the likes of Founders Fund, Bain Capital, Insight Ventures, and more.

Who It’s For

We’re looking for exceptionally talented entrepreneurs, operators, investors and experienced tech executives who are accredited investors. If that sounds like you and you’re looking to connect with peers and fund incredible companies — we want you to join us.

How to Join

If you’re interested in joining GoingVC Angels, you can do so by applying here, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Frank@GoingVC.com.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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