The Emergencies Partnership is evolving — what comes next?

It’s been a whirlwind 15 months for the Emergencies Partnership, we’ve gone from a group of colleagues across the sector discussing the best ways to improve collaboration and starting to building a plan, to rapidly scaling up to support the nation respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a matter of weeks, we created regional and national hubs to share how partners were responding to Covid emergencies across communities and to improve coordination between our partners. We started to build the digital tools needed to bring together insight and help organisations request support across the partnership. We helped to grow local, regional and national networks to exchange ideas and enable improved collaboration as the pandemic continued to dictate our lives.

Finally, we’re starting to see the green shots of recovery from the pandemic and whilst we’re keeping a watchful eye on the Delta variant and ensuring we’re ready for future variants, it’s time to continue the evolution of the Emergencies Partnership. Our current funding model is coming to an end and we’re delighted that the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is continuing to support us with further financial investment over the next year.

We’re now in a transition phase, where we will take the learnings from our activity over the last year and a bit to inform how we plan and respond to emergencies together in the future. Our team and the way we work will be adapting but core to ongoing activity will be to keep developing and building the relationships with local, regional and national partners to improve collaboration and coordination as we move into Covid recovery and direct our attention to other emergencies that may be on the horizon.

This means we have a number of roles available to join our team, at what will be an exciting and pivotal time for the partnership. We have a lot of work to do as we continue to learn and improve from every emergency, to continue building community resilience to enable a more connected response to future emergencies for those in need. Join us if you want to be part of that journey.

After the tragedies of 2017 (Grenfell in particular), the Emergencies Partnership formed to improve coordination and collaboration across the voluntary sector. From grass roots to national giants, and government, we work to better understand, and respond to unmet need, together.

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