in the land of Lincoln

a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

Our Rams, hailing from the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, did something, the other evening, they had neither the chance nor the where-with-all to do thus far in this stage of the non-conference campaign, while doing so in the great state that was the backdrop of the penultimate comeback figure against adversity in American history. Much like that rough and youthful, yet feisty, bearded, beaten down underdog, they fought and overcame adversity on the road, in a hostile environment, against a worthy opponent who had recently bested an old rival whom we faired less than favorable against a game before, these rambling Rams displayed a great deal of resolve.

synonyms :spirit, fortitude, strength of character, moral fiber, steel, determination, resolve, resolution, backbone, grit, true grit, courage, courageousness, bravery, valor, fearlessness, daring;

Coming in with the recent match-up wounds still fresh, we began this fight and test of mettle by again having the opponent seemingly take advantage of and exploit our early season flaws and youth and system, and as has been the case for most of the season, we found ourselves up against a hot firing inspired group of players, mainly beyond the dreaded arc.

As previously stated, coming off of an emotional and hard to swallow road loss to the likes of our old, awoken from the ashes, foe, the Monarchs of Norfolk who rained 3's & put us in a big hole early we found ourselves in the same familiar spot, having to battle and play from behind, from double digits once again.

But then something happened in the winding down of the first half that conjured up some not too distant memories. Havoc awoke along with other regular favorable reoccurrences; One, Melvin firing threes with confidence, and 2, JoBerg playing above the rim, tipping basketballs in. That resolve rallied us to only being down two at the half with these ‘Road Warriors’ kindling life and momentum to stage a great back and forth battle that will pay dividends, most assuredly in wars yet to be waged.

Answers on both sides of the ball were being had by this newly formed band of brothers in the trenches, Made Free Throws and Mo’s No’s. It was refreshing and exciting to see/hear, to say the least. Here’s proof.

In short things got back to normal, welcome December! And with this new resolve we definitely look forward to our next worthy in state opponent.

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