Our Blockchain-Solution — Vecap

The hackers’ delight.

Where the IoT manufacturers have failed, Vecap has succeeded. Up until this point, the security of smart home systems around the world depended on the strength of the individual devices. Without a standard networking protocol to unite routers, consoles, smart TVs and other appliances, the hackers have a pretty easy task ahead of them.

All they have to is isolate one vulnerable node on your home network to intercept the communication between the devices via an internet connection, and that’s it: the control of your life is surrendered to criminals. Unfortunately for them, Vecap has figured out how to stop this nightmare from coming true.

How it works

If you’re reading this, you will undoubtedly have already heard about how new technologies like blockchain and smart contracts will change the world in ways most people can’t even imagine. Vecap has combined these two innovations to protect individual devices in your network, and as a consequence, smart homes everywhere.

Don’t worry, our solution is as ambitious as it is simple. We’ll use smart contract transactions to secure all internal communications within your home system. Every action on the Vecap platform will be recorded on our blockchain, in an immutable database that is nearly impervious to corruption. A hacker would have to take control of 51% of such a system just to control a single device, rendering this effort impossible by every definition of the word.

By protecting the links between each device and uniting all smart homes in a decentralised network, Vecap safeguards all private information against malicious actors. We have reached a new privacy-protecting standard, one that does not rely on built-in security functions.

That means hackers will no longer be able to penetrate your privacy because of one faulty appliance or router. Your information will no longer depend on a group of disjointed devices each storing your sensitive data on a different– and hackable–hackable company server.

Instead, you’ll have a secure, united, and reliable home network protected from the inside out.

Your privacy will be ensured, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands. Not only that but, given the natural technical superiority of blockchain, your smart home system will be faster and more efficient than ever before.

Progress to the rescue

Every third person wants a smart home but is too afraid of the inherent vulnerability of current IoT devices. We get it. Progress can be scary. Especially when you feel your safety is at risk. Our understanding of the problem has been instrumental in the development of our solution. While IoT manufacturers focused on their products’ market placement, Vecap took a different approach.

We looked at the problem of network security and saw a design flaw, an architectural lapse of judgement. From that point, we “only” had to build the solution. By reshaping the entire security infrastructure around a decentralised ledger with smart contracts, Vecap has built the last barrier to protect your home, your data, and ultimately you.

We hope that in this new environment, more and more people will feel they no longer have to fear the coming IoT revolution. The peace of mind smart home users have seeked is finally within their reach. Vecap will provide the software and the hardware. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing you’re safe.

Take a deep breath. With Vecap, you are now in control.