The Internet of things is a unique invention of mankind

The Internet of things is a unique invention of mankind that will make life more comfortable and interesting. It has found application in various fields of life — with its help smart homes control the microclimate and manage household appliances without human intervention, and unmanned vehicles move and control the situation on the road without the driver. Moreover, thanks to the development of technologies, remote control of household appliances and even automated equipment at enterprises has become possible.

But with all the huge number of its advantages, the Internet of things today is far from perfect — recently, reports of hacking of an IoT device and causing damage to its owner are becoming more frequent.

Despite the fact that most often hackers break into IoT devices in order to steal information or carry out a DDOS attack, in fact, the security vulnerability of modern IoT devices can be fraught with more than serious consequences-for example, hacking an unmanned vehicle can lead to a large-scale car accident, and hacking medical equipment — to fatal outcomes.

It is in order to avoid any of the above situations that the Vecap project was developed, which will allow the use of modern and high-tech IoT devices and be confident in their safety. All details about the project — on our website .

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