Announcing The Launch of VeBetterDAO: The Evolution of Web3 for Better + Plus B3TR Token Airdrops; What, Where & How

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7 min readFeb 28, 2024


After many long nights of ideation, discussion and development with our technical teams and enterprise partners, we’re excited to announce the launch of a major new addition to the VeChainThor ecosystem — the VeBetterDAO.

VeBetterDAO is built to become Web3’s breakthrough moment — the foundation of a cross-sector sustainability dApp ecosystem that engages, incentivizes, and rewards user activity, onboarding enterprise and individual actors for good causes and novel dApps.

Sustainability is a vast field — the UN outlines 17 areas for economic, social and environmental development under its Sustainable Development Goals. For enterprise, there is a regulatory imperative to build sustainable practices into the core of their operations. These two waves are colliding to create a perfect opportunity for VeChain. Our aim is to reach one million active daily users within the next few years, and onboard a billion users by 2030, offering the world the infrastructure for the Web3 revolution.

The launch of VeBetterDAO marks the start of the next chapter in our sustainability journey, bringing to life the technical vision outlined in our ‘Web3 for Better’ whitepaper. Co-developed with the Boston Consulting Group, the whitepaper details a mutual vision of advancing action on sustainability with Web3 tools, driven by the ‘X-2-Earn’ strategy, where actions can be transformed into value, through blockchain.

Below, we explore some of the key information around the launch version of VeBetterDAO, including new tokens, dApps, whitepaper, and how to get involved with the Testnet. To prepare yourself, be sure to download the VeWorld mobile wallet [HERE]

If you can’t wait, hop straight into the VeBetterDAO whitepaper right away!

Introducing — VeBetterDAO

The VeBetterDAO launches in three phases, Pilot show Alpha: Testnet Take-off, Pilot Show Beta: Mainnet Blitz, and Go-Live Gala. Each phase welcomes new features, with the launch of Go-Live Gala coinciding with the full mainnet launch on June 30th, 2024, the birthday of the VeChainThor blockchain.

Check out the platform, now live over at!

Pilot Show Alpha: Testnet Take-off

Plot Show Alpha begins now. During this time, certain elements of the platform have gone live (see graphic), and a pre-defined quantity of B3TR tokens will be made available for distribution via airdrops, Testnet activity, rewards and other social activities, to seed the initial user base and to allow us to test out the platform and initial dApps over the coming months.

During Alpha, users will have the chance to play-test various functions and get familiar with the launch version, as well as play with pilot dApps and get involved in voting rounds to earn rewards.

The ‘Go-Live Gala’ phase introduces new features and functions, including:

  • B3TR Token minting and distribution
  • Increase maturity of Galaxy Membership (GM) NFTs
  • Tools and functionality upgrades for X-2-Earn DApps
  • Automated staking programs
  • Automation of Treasury and Governance management

More details about the launch phases can be found in the VeBetterDAO whitepaper.

Importantly, all B3TR Tokens earned during the pilot show phases will carry over to Mainnet — so get active and earn those tokens!

Introducing the B3TR & VOT3 tokens

With the launch of the VeBetterDAO, comes the necessary introduction of two new tokens to power the ecosystem. With a goal of accelerating the pace of adoption for VeChain through user-friendly dApps, VeBetterDAO is designed to directly complement the existing tokenomic structure by increasing transaction demand and usage.

Incentive token — B3TR

B3TR, the incentive token, has multiple functions within the ecosystem, including:

  1. General incentive token for VeBetterDAO, including DAO Treasury Management
  2. Value carrier and monetization mechanism for active participants and innovative enterprise models
  3. Incentive token for sustainability applications, including project support, community growth and engagement
  4. Backing VOT3 tokens 1:1, the token required for VeBetterDAO governance

Governance Token — VOT3

VOT3 is the governance token of the VeBetterDAO. Its functions include:

  1. Required to take part in governance events
  2. Staked to determine allocations of newly minted B3TR tokens
  3. Being redeemable, 1:1 between B3TR and VOT3, via a dedicated swap pool

More details on each token can be found in the VeBetterDAO whitepaper.

B3TR Airdrop Cheat Sheet

To seed the initial user base, VeChain will run a series of B3TR airdrop campaigns over the coming months, ensuring wide distribution and rewarding user engagement. The airdrop is open to all, and participation is highly encouraged.

Beginning today, we are launching four airdrop channels to coincide with today’s announcement. 1 million B3TR tokens will be airdropped across campaigns between 28th Feb to June 30th.

All accrued tokens will be projected to Mainnet 1:1 as VeBetterDAO transitions to mainnet, towards the end of Q2, 2024.

The four airdrop channels include:

  1. Joining the VeChain Discord server, using the Better Connect bot
  2. Listening to The Launch Twitter space AMA on the 28th; joining the AMA Telegram channel and submitting wallet addresses to the bot
  3. Actions on Tweets containing Gleam links coming from @vechainofficial on X
  4. Joining the Telegram referral program, referring friends. Rewards will be sent at the end of every week.

More detailed breakdown:


Join the official VeChain Discord:

  1. Enter “#vebetterdao-connect” and click the “airdrop” button in the above message
  2. Then go to the wallet web page to connect your wallet, after signing the transactions, 5 B3TR will arrive at your Testnet address with a total pool of 200k.


Join VeChain Foundation official Telegram channel:

  1. Earn 3 B3TR for joining the community and completing basic registration steps.
  2. Earn 3 B3TR each for introducing and inviting a new user to the community by using the unique referral link generated by Telegram bot.
  3. The referral program starts from 28th Feb until the total 200k B3TR prize pool dried up. First come first serve.
  4. Rewards will be distributed at the end of each week.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session

Our first AMA takes place today, 20:50 CET, at this link. Listen in, and join our AMA channel to earn B3TR airdrops.

  1. Join the new official VeChain Telegram group chat:
  2. Join the AMA channel, check the pinned message and share your address with the bot
  3. Wallet addresses submitted during the AMA will be eligible to share a pool of B3TR.

Gleam Campaigns

We will also be launching Gleam campaigns from our official X account. To participate::

  1. Follow @vechainoffical on X
  2. RT and like the tweet with link — follow instructions provided
  3. Stay tuned — multiple Gleam campaigns will come from the official X account

It’s Time to VOT3!

Once you have your B3TR, it’s time to swap it for VOT3 and get ready for the first round of voting!

VOT3 is gained by locking B3TR in a smart contract 1:1. Once your VOT3 has been received, review X-2-Earn dApps on VeBetterDAO and allocate them as you wish. With your tokens stakes, you will be eligible for voting rewards, shared at the end of each voting round — Engage 2 Earn!

To be part of the first voting round, you must have swapped your B3TR for vote before 23:59 UTC+0 on Sunday 3 March. Only VOT3 in your wallet before this time will be eligible to vote in the following week’s voting round, and earn B3TR token rewards.

Play Test Pilot X-2-Earn Applications

The ‘X’ in X-2-Earn refers to the mathematical concept of the unknown variable. ‘X’ can be applied to any kind of sustainability ecosystem with an earn mechanism. For example, ‘Plant-2-Earn’, for an ecosystem that rewards tree planting. Sweat-2-Earn, for dApps that reward working out, and so on.

B3TR tokens distributed to X-2-Earn dApps are, in part, intended as a source of incentivization for users. They may serve other purposes, such as encouraging builders, or for marketing and sponsorships etc.

B3TR reward distribution plans are at the discretion of projects and the voting community who will approve or disapprove of a project’s reward proposals through VOT3 allocation.

X-2-Earn applications should embody the three guiding philosophies:

  • Meaningful: The application is designed to advance sustainability in some form
  • Feasible: The application can record and reward user efforts
  • Valuable: Rewarded efforts create collective value and contribute to sustainability efforts

We have grand plans for the future of dApps on VeBetterDAO, and can’t wait to unveil some of what we’re working on with builders, businesses and through key strategic enterprises this year and beyond.

How to submit your dApp during Pilot Phase?

During the Testnet phase (from February 28th to May 12th), all dApps on VeBetterDAO are invitation-only.

Once you have a viable product you’d like to submit, please write a proposal and submit it to VeChain admins through official social channels to begin discussions. Once approved, the dApp will be displayed on

If you would like to initiate a campaign on VeBetterDAO before mainnet — you can submit your ideas to one of our social admins and elevate it to our team to discuss.

The Future of Web3 and Sustainability Adoption — VeBetterDAO

You do not have to be a Nobel Prize Winner to make the world better. Every idea can be multiplied, and every fractional effort can be transformed into greater collective impact. Builders, enterprises, dApps and communities — encompassing millions, eventually billions of users — will tip the balance and achieve the vision of a healthier planet, and sustainable global economy — powered by Web3.

Join VeBetterDAO — be better.



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