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Building on VeChain: Meet favo, Developer of ‘’!

At the VeChain Foundation, we know our community is our greatest asset. In the past year, we’ve seen much more community developer activity and the quantity of dApps in our store has grown quickly.

We’re always excited to see developers take our tools and build on them even further. One notable example is favo, the developer behind We felt it was a good time to bring attention to his useful tools and tech and in future articles, we’ll do just that.

For this article, however, let’s get to know favo himself!

Hi favo! It’s been exciting watching you build on VeChainThor so far. Can you tell us a little about your IRL self?

Hi VeChain! I grew up in the age of mailboxes, DOS, Windows 3 and the early stages of what would become the internet. I’ve always been a tinkerer and enjoyed playing, testing and breaking whatever I could with computers, on projects small and large.

Eventually I started running my own business and managed a fantastic team. I learned a lot from those times, both personally and technically. I came to understand the nuance between building solutions for problems vs building solutions to fix problems. The former is far more competitive and offers much more room for growth overall. This is an ethos I recognised in VeChain.

As COVID struck, I had to go slower due to family commitments, it became impossible to manage my business and look after my family. That’s when I took a step back, examined my priorities and worked out a path forward. Pragmatism is a core trait of mine, I suppose you could say!

I saw the future direction of data management was blockchain and I had previously enjoyed playing around with it. It offered a whole new world of possibilities and solutions to problems that were yet undiscovered. This excited me. Realising this, I dove into blockchain development full time and kicked off my own platform, That was how it all began!

Sounds like you’ve been on quite the journey! We’re glad our vision resonated with you. Can you tell us a little more about the mission behind

As you guys used to say, the VeChain Foundation was the ecosystem ‘enabler’. I see myself similarly, building tools that enable developers.

One of the biggest problems I had was onboarding from Web2 to Web3. Developers in the Web2 space find it intimidating, myself included, but it doesn’t have to be that way.’s mission is to make the transition to Web3 as simple as a plugin, enabling developers to publish entire backends, scalably, cheaply and reliably. I’m empowering talented ‘traditional’ developers to embrace this new and fast-growing space.

After overcoming many obstacles, I reflected and asked myself what would have made my experience more efficient. That’s why I built’s sandbox, where you can quickly and easily deploy pre-configured assets with your own parameters. Have a play for yourself!

It’s in its first iteration still and I intend to make it even more powerful, but it already allows experienced developers to dive into interactions with blockchain technology. A more efficient version will follow as I like to return to my origins and walk the paths again, optimising even further as I go.

Amazing work, favo. From our experiences play-testing your tools, they’re very intuitive. When it comes to the’s longer term vision, what more can you tell us?

My vision is pretty simple, but powerful if executed properly. I am building a platform to enable the blockchain-isation of the ‘average’ application environment, whether for single devs or enterprises. I aim to keep the blockchain part hidden, but extract its many benefits.

I’m also building a network of like-minded developers that have come together through love and passion for what they do. I want to build a close-knit community that can create awesome things. I run a community developer Discord — you can join us here if you’re interested in getting started in the world of blockchain and having a chat sometime!

Thanks favo, it was great to meet you! We’re lucky to have such talented community developers among the VeFam.

We’re looking forward to kicking off a mini-series of technical articles with you to explore the power of your tools and showcase the kinds of things that can be built, quickly and easily on VeChainThor to the wider world.

See you in 2023 for more!

About The VeChain Foundation

The VeChain Foundation, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the non-profit organisation behind the development of VeChainThor, a world leading smart contract platform spearheading the real world adoption of blockchain technology.

By leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts and IoT technologies, VeChainThor has delivered solutions in a wide array of fields, and now turns its attention to arguably the greatest challenge of all — building technologies and ecosystems to drive true sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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The VeChain Foundation, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the non-profit organisation behind the development of VeChainThor, a world leading smart contract platform spearheading the real world adoption of blockchain technology. Visit to learn more.

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