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Partner Update and Spotlight Series : iTaotaoke

As the one year anniversary of the VeChainThor Blockchain launch rapidly approaches, we wanted to update the community on the progress of some of the unsung heroes in our ecosystem. Every partner and stakeholder in our ecosystem is vital to the success of the entire blockchain ecosystem and it is our intention, pride and honour to shine a light on our partners and stakeholders who have been steadily building and consuming value built on top of the VeChainThor blockchain.

To provide a spotlight for these vital partners, we’ve developed this series as a Q&A, interview type format. Our partners and stakeholders, in their own words, will share and talk about their experiences using and building on top of the VeChainThor Blockchain as well as the impact, struggles, and value added to their own business ecosystem when implementing this technology within their business model. We start this series with iTaotaoke.

As one of our initial partners, iTaotaoke has successfully implemented and made blockchain technology valuable in the area of copyrighting digital content. iTaotaoke’s innovative platform not only offers an open platform where both self-publishers and content providers can build their knowledge sharing workshops while monetizing their content, they are also, at the same time, able to protect and secure the rights of their intellectual property of which what makes them valuable — their culmination of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Get a firsthand view of the iTaotaoke and VeChain partnership here.

“VeChain is a really friendly public blockchain platform. It provides us a complete and mature blockchain solution and diverse ecosystem. So far, there are over 3,000 original content creators on the iTaoTaoKe platform. These content creators have created and published over 30,000 articles. We have also gained over 70,000 subscriptions and over 160,000 views and the number is increasing at a significant speed. As a young company, we approximately consume 2.8M VTHO per month and I strongly believe that the demands of acquiring and using VTHO for us at iTaotaoke will increase quickly while more and more digital content creators begin to join the platform. We hope to invoke the VeChainThor Blockchain’s full potential to become a shield of copyrights for all the craftsmen of knowledge. ”

— — Jie Zhou, CEO of iTaotaoke

Below is an excerpt and highlights of the video interview.

Q: Who is iTaotaoke?

A: iTaotaoke is an open public platform for digital media and content. All of the “craftsmen of wisdom” who have original lessons or works use iTaotaoke to publish their lessons, articles, videos, and more. Under the shield of blockchain copyrights technique, creators use the TaoTaoKe’s online store, to quickly gain profits from their work. To view more information about iTaotaoke, please go to our official website

Q: Why did you choose the VeChainThor Blockchain?

A: First, the VeChainThor Blockchain is truly an enterprise-friendly public blockchain platform. It provides reliable, applicable blockchain-based solutions perfect for our individual use case. In the VeChain ecosystem, ecosystem members are able to access a variety of different resources.. For example, in the digital carbon ecosystem which iTaotaoke has been enrolled into, digital content posted on iTaotaoke’s platform is able to be connected with content from other participants of the digital carbon ecosystem, creating tremendous synergistic values.

Q: Which business area of iTaotaoke has VeChainThor blockchain technology been applied?

A: VeChainThor is already integrated into iTaotaoke’s platform, providing real solutions to our clients and tangible results in its ability to protect digital IP, that would be impossible without the technology.

Our partnership is mainly focused in achieving copyright authentication of contents with the implementation and integration of the VeChainThor blockchain. Most of our clients provide online education lessons and courses, Which is a field where originality is extremely important. When the contents are posted on the Internet, piracy becomes a major problem. Our clients hope that we could use technology to assist them in resolving this unavoidable issue. VeChainThor is already deployed and active on iTaotaoke, providing real solutions to our clients and tangible results that is able to protect digital IP that is not possible without VeChainThor. That’s why VeChainThor’s blockchain technology and digital intellectual authentication is a perfect combination.

Q: How does iTaotaoke empower its clients through the VeChainThor blockchain?

A: The most important element of digital content is its originality. When original work is published online, , illegal and fake versions of it can be a significant challenge. iTaotaoke supports their original creators by using the copyrights feature based on VeChainThor techniques, leveraging the immutability of blockchain to sign copyrights for each creator, protect the rights that every original creator should have.

Q: In the next stage, what is iTaotaoke’s plan for VTHO consumption on VeChainThor blockchain?

A: We believe that as more digital content creators join iTaotaoke’s digital platform, our demand for VTHO will no doubt continuously increase. With the implementation and power of the VeChainThor blockchain, we will strive to provide protection for more digital content creators.

Q: Towards members of the VeChain community that are interested in this project, is there anything you would like to say to them?

A: Firstly, thank you to the VeChain community members who have been following up the news with the iTaotaoke project. Ever since we have started to work with VeChain,We have been continuously trying to discover more use cases to be developed, including our cross-sector cooperation with VeChain’s digital carbon ecosystem. As the mission of iTaotaoke states, “Connect everyone through knowledge.” We hope that through the transmission of knowledge, we get to connect with more partners in the blockchain ecosystem and achieve greater heights and win-win scenarios.

iTaotaoke is a successful use case that applies the technology of the VeChainThor public blockchain into the area of copyrights of digital content. We applaud and praise iTaotaoke for their efforts to transform their business ecosystem with the power of blockchain and look forward to even more value built and consumed on the VeChainThor blockchain by our partners.

This is the first article within the “Partner Update Series.” We hope to offer a unique look at some of the implemented solutions using the VeChainThor Blockchain. The range of use cases these partners are implementing on the VeChainThor main net include energy, supply chain management, retail, digital certificates, food and beverage. As more and more of our partners and enterprise organizations are ready to announce and talk about their successful use cases of the VeChainThor blockchain, we will continue to expand this series.

*To learn more about VeChain’s blockchain powered copyrighting of digital content as highlighted in this article and use case as well as other forms of intellectual property protection solutions, please visit



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