VeChain Announces Launch of No-Code Tokenized Asset Marketplace Platform — Welcomes First Enterprise User — MotoGP Champions; Gresini Racing

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4 min readMar 27, 2024


VeChain is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest product, a no-code white-label marketplace platform called Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS). This initial launch was done in collaboration with MotoGP championship team, Gresini Racing, supported by ExPlus, showcasing the platform and its functionality as a vehicle for mass adoption. The full launch of MaaS is expected later this year, which aims to unlock the platform for individuals and businesses alike.

MaaS was built to fulfill an important role within the digital asset space, presenting enterprise and individual builders a low/no-code white-label NFT platform for selling and transferring digital assets with ease. The platform’s arrival is timely, anticipating growing demand for real world asset (RWA) tokenization tools, with a later iteration of the platform to introduce NFC functionality and the ability to support ‘phygitals’ (real-world physical assets with NFT/digital counterparts).

You can check out Gresini Racing’s marketplace, here.

Welcoming MaaS’ First Enterprise Client — Gresini Racing

Leveraging a bespoke collection of IP-related content, Gresini Racing plans to offer digital collectibles to its large fanbase, exposing new audiences to blockchain technology via MaaS’ user-friendly environment.

Some of Gresini Racing’s Web2-friendly features include:

  • Login with socials (no visible wallets, enhanced UX for users)
  • Buy NFTs with card (NFT Checkout solution)
  • List NFTs in EUR (intuitive user experience for non-crypto natives)
  • Configurable collections in marketplace (token gated, secondary sales & collection visibility)
  • Administration dashboard, to customise and manage the marketplace

In 2023, VeChain launched a complementary platform, VORJ, a separate no-code digital asset/smart contract creation platform that allows anyone to deploy fungible/non-fungible tokens, Vaults or DAOs, and manage deployed contracts through APIs without coding experience, or transaction fees.

VeChain’s technologies continue to focus on breaking down barriers to the digital asset world, emulating the ease of the Web2 environment to drive adoption among a vast pool of untapped users, fulfilling its goal of driving mass adoption for blockchain.

The Future is Digital

On this development, Carlo Merlini, Gresini Racing’s Commercial and Marketing Director, said:

“Web3 is a new world, one that we wanted to be part of to build stronger engagement with our fanbase and, on a wider scale, the entire MotoGP community, who are increasingly digitally focused.

Gresini Racing content will be made available through NFTs and digital collectibles, facilitated by ExPlus to launch on VeChain’s Marketplace as a Service platform. Contents will feature exclusive experiences and memorabilia, plus new ways to present the exciting heritage of Gresini Racing to MotoGP lovers across the world, honoring the legacy that Fausto left to all of us”.

Jake Campton, VeChain’s Communications Lead, commented:

“The launch of VeChain’s MaaS platform is yet another initiative that demonstrates our resolution to supporting seamless mass adoption of blockchain technology through easy-to-implement, no-code solutions. Having Gresini Racing as MaaS’ first user showcases just that: how non-Web3 companies can enter the space easily and tap into the industry’s many benefits, once more showcasing the real-world value of blockchain technology.

Asset Tokenization —A $16 Trillion Opportunity by 2030

Use cases for MaaS are wide-ranging, and meet a growing demand for platforms that can facilitate tokenization of assets. This direction was recently highlighted with Blackrock’s application for an Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization fund.

VeChain understands how its technologies hold immense promise for the future of the Web3, having developed many valuable blockchain-powered services since inception, including product authentication, provenance and sustainability traceability, while simultaneously opening new channels of digital communication and more.

About Gresini Racing:

Founded by the two-time 125cc World Champion Fausto Gresini, who recently passed away, Gresini Racing has been competing in the MotoGP World Championship since 1997, achieving prestigious sporting results. In addition to the five world titles won in 2001 with Daijiro Kato (250cc), in 2010 with Toni Elias (Moto2), 2018 with Jorge Martin (Moto3) and the Del Conca Gresini Team (Moto3), and in 2019 with Matteo Ferrari (MotoE), there are also the MotoGP World Championship runner-up titles obtained for three consecutive years, in 2003 and 2004 with Sete Gibernau and in 2005 with Marco Melandri, as well as the Moto3 runner-up title of Fabio Di Giannantonio in 2018. The latest achievement is the spectacular third place of Enea Bastianini in 2022. All of this is the result of 73 victories and an impressive 213 podium finishes. Gresini Racing has also seen champions like Alex Barros, Loris Capirossi, Colin Edwards, and Marco Simoncelli among its ranks.

Today, Gresini Racing faces a new challenge: the 2024 season sees them seeking confirmation in MotoGP with the Marquez brothers, who together boast 10 titles. In Moto2, there is another all-Spanish lineup with Manu Gonzalez and Albert Arenas, while in MotoE, Matteo Ferrari and Alessio Finello have been confirmed.

About VeChain

VeChain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VeChainThor, a world-leading smart contract platform spearheading the real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

By leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts, and IoT technologies, VeChainThor has enabled enterprise solutions across a wide array of fields. VeChain now turns its attention to the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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