Vechain Dev Tool Update — Electi Consulting and Vechain Deploy Ethereum Tools To Expedite Web3 Adoption

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3 min readMar 27, 2023


Vechain is dedicated to building the optimal real-world-ready blockchain environment and enabling full-scale adoption of web3 technologies. Our imminent web3-as-a-service platform, VORJ, offers builders one of the most versatile blockchain tool suites on the market, and caters for users with little-to-no experience building blockchain solutions.

To ensure the greatest level of interoperability, we’ve been adapting popular tools to align with standards published by the world’s biggest public blockchain, Ethereum. In September 2022, vechain and Electi Consulting entered into a strategic partnership to advance this goal.

Electi Consulting is a leading technology consultant consisting of a motivated team of professionals with deep cryptography and blockchain experience. With them, we’re deploying some of Ethereum’s most powerful tools as well as revamping vechain’s developer documentation.

The first result of our collaboration went live on Friday 24 March in the form of a Hardhat plugin and library.

Vechain-Compatible Hardhat Launch

Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that helps coders and developers test, compile, deploy and debug DApps. Its launch marks an important step towards increasing the ease of building on the world’s leading enterprise-grade public blockchain. Whether for enterprise users moving off Ethereum-based private chains, or for supporting hobby developers migrating from other EVM networks, these tools provide a seamless transition.

Interoperability is essential for our future plans — aligning with Ethereum’s technical standards is an important step for ensuring the greatest level of cross-chain compatibility and offers a familiar environment for blockchain developers looking to build on VechainThor.

Resources, information and libraries for Hardhat can be found below:



Public Repository:

Building The IDE (Ideal Developer Environment)

The launch of the Hardhat plugin marks the first of multiple releases designed to bolster vechain’s developer environment and provide greater alignment with popular Ethereum tooling.

Other upcoming releases include an Open Zeppelin smart contract compatibility report as well as the Remix Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allowing builders to edit, compile, test and deploy ERC-compatible smart contracts to VechainThor, all fully compatible with VeWorld, vechain’s new official Web Wallet.

As always, we welcome the builders of our community and beyond to test these new tools and share feedback or recommendations. Vechain is committed to building the optimal building environment for its users.

You can find more of our updated developer documentation, alongside other resources on our vechain documentation page.

Go forth, and buidl!

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Vechain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VechainThor, a world leading smart contract platform spearheading the real world adoption of blockchain technology.

Through leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts and IoT technologies, VechainThor has enabled solutions across a wide array of fields. Vechain now turns its attention to the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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