Manage Your Milvus Vector Database with One-click Simplicity

Attu — a GUI tool for Milvus 2.0.

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Attu island
The location of Attu in a world map.
  • Intuitive GUI for easier usage of Milvus;
  • Coverage of major functionalities of Milvus;
  • Plugins for expansion of customized functionalities;
  • Complete system topology information for easier understanding and administration of Milvus instance.


You can find the newest release of Attu at GitHub. Attu offers executable installers for different operating systems. It is an open-source project and welcomes contribution from everyone.

docker run -p 8000:3000 -e HOST_URL=http://{ attu IP }:8000 -e MILVUS_URL={milvus server IP}:19530 zilliz/attu:latest
Connect Milvus with Attu

Feature overview

Overview page
Collection page
Vector Search page
System View page
Node view


Let’s explore Attu with a test dataset.

  • Field Name: vector, vector field, float vector, Dimension: 128
  • Field Name: brand, scalar field, Int64
  • Field Name: color, scalar field, Int64
Create a collection
Load the collection
Check the collection
Import data
Import data
Import data
Query data
Query result
Search data
Search result
Milvus node topological graph
Milvus node list

What’s more

As mentioned earlier, the Vector Search and System View pages are plugins of Attu. We encourage users to develop their own plugins in Attu to suit their application scenarios. In the source code, there is folder built specifically for plugin codes.

Add plugins to Attu



Scalable similarity search on unstructured data (such as image, video, and natural language) powered by

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