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Why Tech Companies Need Professional Development Plan For Software Engineers?

Read what’s new in engineering management trends and how to grow the skills of software developers inside your tech team with a professional development plan.

Main trends in engineering management

Main trends in engineering management
Main trends in engineering management
  • Transitioning from standard HR practices towards the new employee-based approach. In today’s corporate world, employee experience takes over and should be placed at the center of everything a manager does. So, companies tend to invest in the professional development of their employees and growing their skills, rather than hiring new talent.
  • Learning in the flow of work. Modern employees are doing a lot of learning in the workplace, and it’s in the company’s interest to allow their knowledge workers the opportunity to stay on top of the most recent industry trends, tools, and methods. Plus, the learning process starts being a part of the workflow.
  • Skills development platforms are the “next big thing”. The services which allow managers to accelerate and monitor their employees’ professional development are becoming more and more important. So, it’s only natural that skills engines, skills inference, and talent intelligence systems are taking over.

What is a professional development plan?

Professional development plan as a tool

What should be included in a professional development plan?

How to create professional development plan
How to create professional development plan

Step 1. Holding a Review

Step 2. Creating a Growth Plan for every employee

Step 3. Carrying out a Growth Plan

Step 4. Monitoring a Growth Plan

Step 5. Holding a repeated Review (once a quarter)

Why should a company implement a development plan?

  • Fill the team’s skill gaps and increase employees’ performance
  • Make promotion decisions transparent, ensuring that everyone knows what they need to do and what skills to develop to get promoted
  • Increase employee retention and loyalty
  • Protect developers from burnout

Key ideas

  • Developing talent, allowing your knowledge workers to hone their skills, and providing opportunities for professional growth are highly important for any hi-tech company.
  • Current management trends highlight this employee-based approach, centered around developing their skills and knowledge.
  • The professional development plan is the best instrument to stimulate and provide guidance for your employees’ professional growth.
  • While a PDP will be inherently focused on a particular employee’s situation, it will also account for where the company itself is going; its priorities, goals, and targets.
  • The key ingredient for a successful PDP is its sustainability and a focus on long-term goals.



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