Spotlight on Kemi

This month, we’re doing a spotlight for each of our team members. Kemi is our Content Expert, and Teacher Trainer, and he’s far too humble about how good he is at teaching.

a.ka. Oluwakemi Odusanya

Tell us about yourself

I’m Kemi, currently the content developer for dot Learn. And I've spent the last five years using technology softwares to create educational videos for students all over the world through my Youtube channel. And as well compiled so many of my educational videos on DVDs for students who don’t have access to computer or the internet here in Nigeria. I've always have a big dream that one day I would make educational videos available to everyone who couldn't go to the normal school or couldn't afford to go to school when others attended, or maybe not as quick to grasp the lessons as at when taught in the normal classroom.

What do you do at dot Learn?

I’m the content developer; and I’ve been creating the contents for the math course, as well as training other subject teachers on how to create video lesson that would fulfill the dream of dot Learn in getting education to students who couldn’t afford to buy computer and data for the viewing videos on the internet.

What got you interested in education?

It was like a street idea, because then when I used to go on the streets during the school closing hours, I would see lots of students going home from school, and would wonder if they've really learned anything in class that day. The fact is, that there’s always a massive failure from the students especially the final year students who sit for the yearly WAEC exams, with more than 70% of these students failing to have the required 5 credits limit that could get them into higher education.. So, I would always be thinking about how I can really be part of finding a solution to this failures. Meanwhile, at that particular time I’ve been introducing a full DVD training on computer engineering to various computer training schools in Lagos, so I started considering doing same for these secondary school students. That was how I got into researching on how to be involved with education..

What got you interested in education technology?

My first educational video was created in the year 2006 on my pentium II computer of 256 megabytes memory with Flash animation software and some other editing softwares. Then there was no particular place or structured learning program on educational technology here in Nigeria. So, what I could only rely on was tutorial DVDs on different softwares that I researched could be of some help. Then I was mainly watching tutorials on video editing softwares, 2D and 3D animations softwares.

How did you get involved in dot Learn?

In July, 2016, I received an email from Tunde the COO of dot Learn after he came across some of my math videos on Youtube. Then after the conversations on phone calls and emails, Sam, CEO and Tunde visited my home in Lagos. There they saw how I create my videos with my computer in my little room. Now, for me, working with dot Learn to build contents based on the WAEC and JAMB curriculum was something I’ve found to be really exciting to be part of. I was really amazed by the technology of creating exceptionally low size videos that still maintains high quality. I mean reducing the size of a one hour video of 100 megabytes to one megebytes was something I could never have imagined possible in Africa.