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10(+1) Steps to Become a Designer

At one point or another, every creative asks what it takes to become a successful artist.

We are going to provide some tips that will help you on your path to becoming a creative genius.

Master the software, in this case, Vectornator

The old saying is that ‘practice makes perfect.’ This holds true even today. The more you practice and experiment with Vectornator the more proficient you will become.

This also means experimenting. Seek out tutorials created by other community members and discover what goes into their process. Then implement parts of their workflow into yours. Soon you will find that you have not only mastered the software but that you have become Vectornator guru. In fact, you might even begin creating your own tutorials and publishing them on YouTube to inspire others.

Find inspiration

It is important to see what others are creating. When it comes to vector-based graphics, Dribbble can be a hotspot for inspiration. There you will find popular designs created by pro designers. Dribble is a community where one has to be invited to share his or her work, thus 90% of the artwork there is high quality.

Seek out inspiration on Instagram. Trends change quickly and Instagram is probably one place where you can see how fast trends change in graphic design.

After you find your inspiration, challenge yourself to create something even better. One thing to keep in mind is to find your inspiration and not imitate others. Be creative, be unique and give your work your own personal touch that makes it stand out against the designs of others.

Keep things simple

There is no reason to put every design trick that you have learned into every piece of artwork that you create. Keep things simple. Work on a concept, define it, then polish it and publish it. And of course, tag Vectornator when you do! #Vectornator !

Learn how to talk about your designs

When creating a portfolio online the ones that really receive the most attention are the ones where the artist explains his or her process and tells the story behind the work.

It is so easy to simply post an image as a project and be done. However, most artwork has a story behind it. If you are not an amazing writer, do not be afraid, you can tell the story of your design visually. This can be done with process shots, screen recordings or even animated gifs.

Sharing the process, behind your designs and learning how to talk about them will be more interesting for your viewers.

Continue to evolve

Many people will say find a style and stick with it. This can be sound advice for those looking to brand themselves with a particular look. However, this can also be limiting as well.

Think about this way. How fast do trends… how fast do trends change? One artist might be popular for his or her style for a couple of years but if he or she does not evolve then their work will plateau. So do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. It is important to continue growing as an artist and develop new techniques.

Attend Conferences, Events and Portfolio Reviews

0Networking is key to getting your name out there. Attending events where you meet other artists and not just graphic designers will help in the long run. Meeting other artists and creatives can lead to referrals and even to collaborations…. and also to jobs!

Sharing your work at portfolio reviews will also help you grow as an artist. You can always ask your friends and family for feedback, but they will tend to tell you what you want to hear. When you share your work with peers, they are upfront and honest. They will offer up ideas and suggestions on how to take your creations to the next level.

Your portfolio is always a work in progress

Portfolios should be constantly updated. Old projects can either be removed as your skills enhance. Thus, your portfolio is never complete and always will need work.

Additionally, as trends change in web design your portfolio should too. Always think about how you can make your portfolio better when it comes to design, layout and even branding.

Revisit old artwork

Why remove old projects when you can rework them. Many illustrators will take an illustration that is 3 to 5 years old and then redoes it. Then they will share the original design next to the new piece. This shows how their skills have evolved over that period of time and how they have developed as an artist.

Do not be afraid to showcase your work

One of the biggest issues that artists face is fear. Even popular artists have had to overcome this. But they learned to overcome their fear and just get their work out there. And why? Because you never know when your skills will be discovered.

Learn what works for some may not work for you

Some artists may create large followings on a social platform such as Instagram. This does not mean to copy what they have done. You might find that your work is more successful on Facebook as opposed to Instagram.

At the same time, not every artist has the ability to become a streamer or YouTuber.

We suggest finding a social platform that you are comfortable with. Then be patient, one can not create a following overnight.

… and remember: Don’t cheat the system!

There are artists out there that will find platforms where they can buy likes and fake followers. Never ever do this and there are good reasons why not to.

The first and most important reason is you will not grow as an artist. You have to discover on your own what works and experiment with new styles and designs. If you buy likes your work will remain the same and you will not be motivated to grow as a creative.

The second reason to avoid doing this is that Social Media Managers for companies will notice when you do not have organic growth to your feeds. If you suddenly jump from 30 likes to 500+, it tends to set off red flags. Also, some channels and portfolio platforms have it built in their systems and you could get black-listed. So never ever pay for likes and followers, it will only come back to haunt you.

Always feel free to ask questions, give feedback and share your ideas on our community on Spectrum or a feature request.

Use the hashtag #Vectornator and tag us on social media to have the chance to get featured: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Reddit

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