Late 2017 Artwork Contest

The last few months we’ve been running an artwork contest and received many amazing illustrations. It’s been very hard for us to pick the greatest submissions but for one illustration we knew right away that it’s the one we’ve been looking for.

At this point we thank all the people that sent us their work and we cannot wait to see what you’ll create next.

We’re very glad to announce that Niklas Kansmeyer wins our late 2017 artwork contest with this mind blowing illustration created entirely in Vectornator Pro!

Don’t forget to check out his great portfolio!

We also wanted to take a moment and feature two more notable submissions that we found very creative and impressive.

The first one is this great comic illustration by Stef Ringoot.

This second piece fit the Halloween theme perfectly when we posted it for the first time. It should also be noted that it was created entirely on an iPhone by Suraj Ramji.

Now it’s your turn to also send us your amazing creations!

- The Vectornator Team