Vectornator 2.4

Mexico Tlàloc by Pequeño Capitan

It is time to take Vectornator to the next level with the launch of our 2.4 update!

Today we’re giving you the power to create entirely new types of designs. Paired with a brand new way to interact with your nodes.

This update makes Vectornator the best in its class!

New Features:

Live Corner Radius

Take control of the shapes you create with the ability to modify corners.

With the new ability to round any corner, you will have more control over your designs.

Node Types

You can now change the node type in the inspector directly without having to use gestures. This will be a time major time saver!

Document Browser

A fresh and redesigned browser that will make the Vectornator experience even smoother. Simply swiping left or right will enable you to browse documents and the lastest Vectornator news.

Stacks in Stacks

You asked for it and we made it happen! Now you can place Stacks in Stacks and organize your designs the way you desire.


Now we have integration for the support of the SonarPen. Giving creatives the ability to use the tools that they desire.

Blueberry by Marta Krstic


  • Redesigned inspector.
  • New future proof file format.
  • Memory management is more efficient.


  • Figma import works more reliably.
  • Various crashes are a thing of the past.
  • Improved importing from Bamboo Slate and Folio.

Our goal is to continue to create new updates that will give you more control and increase your work flow. Please feel free to ask questions, give feedback and share your ideas.

We are always happy to connect with Vectornators! You can contact us directly in Vectornator or via

Discovering new talent is important to us as we like to help creatives get the exposure that they deserve. So make sure to use the hashtag #Vectornator and tag us when sharing to social media.

Thank you for being part of our community.

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