Vectornator X.1

The iPadOS update

Vectornator Team
Oct 21, 2019 · 3 min read

It’s time to bring Vectornator to iPadOS!

Vectornator X was our gift to the designer community. New and unseen features such as Auto Trace and the introduction of Artboards helped you to create the best designs possible.

Today we are boosting these features and providing you improvements through our latest update, X.1. In the same breath, we are preparing Vectornator to be compatible with our long-awaited Mac version.

With this update, you will be able to work on multiple documents simultaneously. Open documents side-by-side and let your creativity flow.

When in Split View with Vectornator, the UI might change to the iPhone version if the view is narrower than the half of your iPad screen.

When Vectornator X launched, we brought artboards and the vision of the best UI/UX design to you. Now we are perfecting the same vision. Starting today you can focus on selected Artboards. This will speed up your workflow. No need to focus on Artboards yourself.

Simply tap the Artboard’s Title

Additionally, we improved the way you can interact with Artboards. Tapping anywhere on any Artboard activates them and dragging on the name shows a beautiful live preview.

Autotrace is a stunning feature for which we are enormously proud. Did you imagine it can get any better? We give you 1000 reasons why it can! With new iPads (+3GB Ram) you can vectorize up to 1000 paths.

Can you see how perfect are the Anchor Points?

With Magic Canvas, you can explore the full potential of your screen. We included an option to disable it for those of you who prefer having everything visible all the time. We support every step of your way.

Switch on/off the Magic Canvas feature from the Settings.

Thanks to the power of AI, our CoreML enables the automatic naming of images. We‘ve made this up to 10x faster giving your devices for time to breath resulting in significantly less lag.

We are incredibly proud of the journey we are walking together.

Are you ready for the next chapter with Vectornator Pro for macOS?

We can‘t wait.

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Enjoy Vectornator X — the design tool of tomorrow!


News, tips, tricks and insights into Vectornator.

Vectornator Team

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News, tips, tricks and insights into Vectornator.

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