VectorZilla Token Presale | Bonus Structure

The VectorZilla Team has some exciting news. VectorZilla Token Presale has already started, now some additional bonuses are available to all early participants & investors.

We have made a few changes in VectorZilla Token Presale terms to enable greater participation. One of the key reason that prompted the change was the ongoing rise in the price of Ethereum. We have adjusted following terms:

1. A reduced entry price with revision in minimum contribution amount to allow broader participation. Now a minimum contribution of 0.10 ETH, 100 VZT can be brought before calculating bonuses.
2. Additional up to 35% bonus tokens on top of pre-announced bonus. So now up-to 60% Tokens are available to grab for early contributors.

The VZ Token pricing was based on the price of Ethereum, and the impact of the increase in its value has priced out many of the supporters & participants with a desire to get involved in VectorZilla Project, so we felt it was only fair to lower the entry point to allow greater participation and offer additional bonus VectorZilla Tokens to our early contributors and investors.

VectorZilla Token Presale Key Information

Token Price — 1 ETH = 1000 VZT
Minimum transaction amount — 0.10 ETH
Maximum supply — 100,000,000 VZT
Available for purchase — 75,000,000 VZT
Emission rate — No new coins will ever be created
Accepted currencies — All major Cryptocurrencies including ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, Waves etc. Shortly we will be accepting Fiat currencies. 
Coin distribution — Coins/tokens distribution to ERC 20 supported ETH Wallet will start within 48 hours of Token Sale.
Presale Minimum Funding Goal — 200 ETH
Maximum supply (hard cap) — 5,000 ETH
Pre-Sale period — Jan 15th to Feb 05th 2018

VectorZilla Token Presale | Key Informations

VectorZilla Token Presale Bonus Structure:

Tier 1 — Upto 1500 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 25% Bonus (1,250 VZT)
2 ETH = 2000 VZT + 50% Bonus (3,500 VZT)
10 ETH = 10,000 VZT + 60% Bonus (16,000 VZT)

Tier 2–1501 ETH To 5000 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 15% Bonus (1,150 VZT)
2 ETH = 2000 VZT + 40% Bonus (2,800 VZT)
10 ETH = 10,000 VZT + 50% Bonus (15,000 VZT)

VZ Token Presale Bonus Structure

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