VectorZilla Token Features

The VectorZilla Tokens (an ERC20 token) can be used for a wide range of purposes and act as cryptocurrency, while still running on the Ethereum blockchain network.

VectorZilla Token Features

VectorZilla Token (VZT) is an ERC20 token that can be traded on crypto-currency exchanges; this token will be used in all transactions within VectorZilla platform and marketplace.

Any VZT owner can buy stock graphics, subscriptions and services at VectorZilla using VZT at the current VZT exchange rate to the currency used in the region. Any visitor to will be interested in buying VZT, as this will give them an opportunity to get additional discounts on subscription plans.

After the launch of VectorZilla Marketplace by Q3 2018, all pay-outs to contributors will be made in VZT.

A total of 100 million VZT (VectorZilla tokens) will be issued. Of these, 75 million tokens will be available for ICO crowdsale, including bonus for early investors and crowdsale participants. Another 23 million tokens will be kept as a Reserve Fund for management and future content acquisition and licensing. Additionally, 2 million tokens will be used for token sale costs, affiliate programs and bounty programs. These tokens will be kept in multi-signature wallets.

Early contributors and holders of VectorZilla Tokens sold in Presale & ICO, will be provided with the following perpetual benefits which will not be made available to future VZT holders:

  • Gets free lifetime subscription to VectorZilla Platform
  • Special Referral Program: Using Enterprise, Business, and Premium Subscription Referral Code, Token Holders will get 5 to 15% of subscription fee recurring for three years to lifetime for each referral who signs up using the code. Their referrals will also get 15% off on subscription fee up to three years and 5% after that for the lifetime.

Apart from 60% Bonus in Presale and ICO Crowdsale, contributors will also get above given benefits.

After Token Presale & ICO, no more VectorZilla Tokens will be issued.

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