What is Stock Graphics?

Every day, the images and graphics are being used as a part of information’s, promotions, products, technology or for knowledge sharing by individuals to large enterprises.

Billions of graphics are seen all around the world on social media, magazines, newspapers, billboards, products and websites.

Where does all these graphics come from?

These are sourced from Stock Imagery platforms.

For example, a start-up wants to create a promotional flyer, might use graphics like this.
A blogger wants to write a blog, to share his review about newly launched mobile; he can use this image, to convey the message visually and efficiently.

The demand for royalty-free stock graphics is growing at a very high rate and revenue from Stock imagery market is expected to cross USD 4 billion by 2022.

Introducing VectorZilla! A blockchain based AI driven Stock Graphics Marketplace. Backed by world’s largest stock graphics creation & distribution company, VectorZilla has a huge library of more than one million graphics content to launch the platform.
Be the part of this promising project to revolutionise the Stock Graphics industry.

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