Vectr 1.0.1 Shipped: Rounded Corners, EPS Import and Much More!

Hi there! This is our first bi-weekly update after the launch of Vectr 1.0 on September 13. Vectr 1.0.1 has been released this week! The update brings in some of the most awaited features, and reveals some ambitious plans for the fall 2016.

Last month has been crazy for us! We’ve been covered by Lifehacker, The Next Web, and leading tech media in Spanish, Japanese, German, Hungarian, Czech, Indonesian, Greek and a dozen other languages. Vectr is being used now by people of various backgrounds from all around the world.

But let’s jump to the updates unrolled in Vectr 1.0.1! :)

1. .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) Import

We have shipped the import of .EPS files into Vectr! Now switching from Adobe Illustrator is really easy: you can simply upload all of your projects into Vectr and continue working here, synchronizing them accross web and desktop.

2.Rounded Corners

Vectr allows you to create any shapes you want, however you do need rounded corners so often. The good news are that they are almost ready! We’re shipping rounded corners in two weeks — and it’s awesome!

3.Embedded Editor

We are excited to announce that we’ve built a prototype of Vectr’s embedded editor, which is going to let us build Vectr integrations. We’ll have dedicated WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Droopal and other platforms plugins and integrations soon.


We’re making progress on our marketplace/community, and expect it to be out sometime this fall. Built-in Marketplace is going to allow you to buy anything offered by other users simply by clicking “Import” button, and sell the designs that you create. Simple as that.

5.Delete Account

We are really hopeful it doesn’t happen, but if you want to delete Vectr account for some reason — you now have the functionality for doing so. Simply go into “Account” menu and follow a fast procedure. But remember — the changes are irreversible!

These are only few things heading our way — check out our full roadmap for more! Remember, you can contact us anytime, just shoot us a message on Intercom. Until next time!

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