Vectr 1.0: How We Launched On Product Hunt And Got Covered By Top Media

About two weeks ago we successfully launched Vectr out of beta. Finally the dust has settled, and we would like to summarize what has happened over that period of time and say thank you to everyone who supported us! We’d also like to share some of the hints and useful advice that may come in handy for other founders/entrepreneurs working on public launch of their companies.

Product Hunt ❤ Vectr

Vectr launched on Product Hunt platform about a year ago while being at TechCrunch Disrupt and quickly became #1 in charts, receiving over 600 upvotes and thousands of beta-testers. When launching Vectr 1.0, Product Hunt Community again has shown amazing support and lots of positive feedback towards the product! Vectr 1.0 made it to the main page of the platform and ended the day fourth after new UBER and AirBnB apps.

The key point of success here was chatting with Product Hunt team actively and transparently during the peak hours, when it was decided who’s going to make to the main page. Nick, CEO @ Vectr, explained that “although the look/feel of the app are the same we’ve shipped an entirely re-vamped layout two days back, for better usability, as part of coming out of beta” and developed a whole range of new features in Vectr 1.0:

-Offline editing
- Curves & Proper Path Editing
- Layers
- Gradients
- Linux Support
- Chromebook Support
- SVG Import
- Firefox support
- New UI
- Doesn’t crash! 
- 100+ bugfixes

Thank you Product Hunt, we ❤ you too!

Getting Covered By Media

After the initial wave of attention created by Product Hunt, Vectr was spotted and covered by some of the largest tech media outlets. That drove a significant traffic and large number of sign-ups from all around the world, also launching a snowball of further coverages by large tech and design media in German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech languages.

We’re most grateful ❤ to all the journalists for their support and great reviews of Vectr! Some of the quotes are:

LifeHacker: “Vectr is a pretty useful tool for most people who don’t really need all the features of professional design software”
The Next Web: “Vectr is an excellent free cross-platform graphics app you can learn to use in minutes” “Packed with an intuitive, easy to use interface, Vectr is a simple and straightforward design software. Vectr is easy to use and only focuses on the things that matter” “Editing Vector graphics for free and sharing them with friends? Vectr promises even more than that”

One advice for getting covered by media when launching your startup: be sure to have a great product and not afraid to go an extra mile. Journalists that may be willing to cover your product are busy, don’t hesitate to do that one more follow-up or update them with fresh information once in a while.

Feedback From Users

Since the launch of Vectr 1.0 we’ve received tons of love and valuable feedback from thousands of our new users: big thank you everyone ❤ All of the opinions and reviews we carefully note down and try to implement on our roadmap as fast as possible, working hard to bring you the flawless user-experience and powerful graphic design features — for free and in one product!

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