Vectr 1.8: Windows Store Launch And Many Updates

In our first update of the year 2017 we’re proudly releasing Vectr 1.8, and announcing many exciting updates together with it.

Windows Store Launch

Big news this week has been that we’ve successfully launched our free graphics software on Windows Store. Vectr is now ranked #1 amongst the new productivity apps! The launch is going to let us reach more Windows 10 users globally and increase our audience.

If you are using Windows 10 — download Vectr in just one click from Windows Store here! And don’t forget to leave a review ;)

Advanced Image Effects Progress

We’ve made significant progress on the advanced image effects: photo effects, motion blurring, alpha masks, etc. In the following months we’re going to be implementing them in Vectr, which are great news for those of you who would like to work with photos in Vectr using filters.

Embedded Editor Coming Soon

We’ve made tremendous progress on Vectr’s embedded editor! Vectr’s WordPress plugin is coming over in early February, and is going to let you create and add projects directly from Vectr to WordPress pages or posts. Check out the first sneak-peek below:

Vectr’s Marketplace: Progress Made

We are also moving forward with the release of our marketplace! There’s stil plenty of work with it, but we just wanted to let you know that we’re working hard on it. The idea behind marketplace is that every user will be able to buy / sell any Vectr design on the marketplace store. Sounds exciting? :) Stay tuned for more in the upcoming months!

Improved Importing

Importing files into Vectr now works even better. We’re aware that some AI, SVG or EPS files fail to import, and are trying to minimize that number. If any of your files don’t work in Vectr — do send them over to us via customer chat, and we’ll try to fix that.

Fixed Some Text Bugs

We also did fix several bugs related to text editing in Vectr. The spaces are now not removed from the text fields, and the text now doesn’t spill over bounds. Happy editing :)

You’re most welcome to join our Facebook Vectr Community! We regularly post useful information and inspirational projects there.

We really hope designing with Vectr is easy and fun for you!