Vectr — Free Graphic Design Software — Launches On Chromebook

Vlad Shvets
Nov 18, 2016 · 3 min read

Hi dear friends,

Vectr has been developing and growing rapidly since the launch in September. We have added multiple useful and powerful features since then and our users seem to love using our free and cross-platform graphics editing tool. Some of the updates since version 1.0 have been:

  • Grouping Of Layers — now it is possible to work with the layers in groups, modifying and manipulating them
  • Rounded Corners / Corner Radius — you can now change the radius of any straight point
  • .EPS files import (.AI coming soon) — you can import Adobe Illustrator formats files to Vectr and continue working here

Now Vectr has launched on Chromebook!

Chromebook is one of the most ambitious OS platforms with a robust community, and yet it’s been long forgotten by graphic software companies.

Vectr aims to change that by providing its free and cross-platform vector graphics editor to all the Chromebook users around the world, especially those using ChromeOS computers for educational purposes.

You can find the newest version of Vectr on Chrome Web Store.

Download Vectr @ Chrome Web Store

What is Vectr

Vectr is a free collaborative vector graphics editor, for web and all the desktop platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS now. It’s friendly to use and has an extremely low learning curve making it perfect for both beginning and advanced users. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting your feet wet in design for the first time — you’ll be up and running in no time flat.

Social Sharing & Collaboration

Designing is a social activity — people love sharing what they’ve created and want to receive immediate feedback. Vectr understands this, which is why Vectr users are able to post their projects directly to Facebook or Twitter with a unique URL that allows others to edit the copy of the project as their own, and why over the coming year we’ll be building social collaboration directly into the editor.

Upcoming Features

  • Built-in Marketplace & Community — create, share, or sell designs assets with others on the platform.
  • Google-docs Style Collaboration — Vectr’s a real-time, collaborative graphics editor. It’s like Google-docs, except that it also supports some offline editing if you’re ever without a connection. We’ll ship this tech later this year, but it’s mostly built so we’d be happy to demo it if you’re interested! Just send an email to
  • Built-In Version Control no more threads of email attachments with “design_version_1”, “design_version_2”. Just send someone a link to your Vectr document, and you can view every version of that design in one place.
  • + More — this only scratches the surface of what we’ve got brewing. Check out or reach out for more detail.

Vectr ❤ Graphic Design Education

Vectr has been already used around the world in schools. Teachers who heard about us elsewhere are adopting the software to teach their pupils the basics of graphic design.

We believe that introducing Vectr on ChromeOS platform will accelerate that trend, and Vectr will quickly become the ultimate software for teaching graphic design.

What Our Users Say ❤

Screenshots & YouTube Videos

We Appreciate Spreading The Word ❤

It is hard to express how grateful we are for spreading the word about Vectr. Feel free to email us at for any additional information or inqueries.

Best wishes,

Vectr Team


Free collaborative vector graphics editor for web and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

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Free collaborative vector graphics editor for web and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

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